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Our team of experts are constantly searching for Kenya's top savings account interest rates. Review today's rates to begin making more out of your savings below.

Why Find Savings Accounts on Money254?

Maximise your return with the best interest rates available at Kenya’s trusted institutions

Maximise your money by ensuring you are making the most out of your savings. Our team of experts are constantly researching the top savings account offerings from across Kenya’s Commercial banks and SACCOs  to help you find the best return on your savings.

All institutions shown are regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya or the Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority (SASRA).  

Find a savings starting point that works for you

New to savings or looking to start saving on a budget? No problem.

Money254 aggregates the minimum opening balance and interest earning balance across all accounts shown to help you find a product that makes sense for you. Easily filter on our savings results page by ‘Lowest Minimum’ to find a starting point that matches your current financial position.

Access your money on a timeframe that meets your goals

Your money should work for you when you need it to. Our search results transparently highlight how often you can access your money during a given period without being penalised. Choose a product with the withdrawal terms and interest payout frequency that makes sense for you and begin earning today.

See the Account Details section on any product for more information.


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Top Tips to Start Saving

1. Understand your savings goals

Understanding what you’re saving for helps you find a product that makes the most sense for you and plan how much you would like to save on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

2. Pay yourself first

Starting to save can be a challenge. Pay yourself first by depositing the amount you are looking to save in your savings account as soon as you get paid.

3. Stay up-to-date with rates

Make sure you are always getting the most out of your savings account. Stay up-to-date on rates by checking Money254 regularly to make sure you’re earning the maximum possible return on your money.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Savings Accounts

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Why does the interest payout frequency matter?
How often do interest rates change?

What is Money254?

Money254 is a new platform focused on helping you make more out of the money you have. We’ve created a simple, fast and secure way to find and compare financial products that best match your needs. All of the information shown is from products available at established financial institutions that our team of experts have tirelessly collected.  

We’ve just launched but will be adding more product categories and tools over the coming months.

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