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Money254 Editorial Standards
Money254 Editorial Standards
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Money254 Editorial Standards

Money254 Team
December 23, 2022

Money254 is an independent financial comparison service. Our vision is to ensure you have the knowledge, tools and access to confidently make the most out of the money you have. 

We enable you to search, compare and directly apply for financial, investment and insurance products available in Kenya that we have aggregated into a single searchable database.

As a part of this journey, we produce regular financial content, some of which is sponsored by financial institutions we partner with. Our financial partners may suggest topics they would like readers to know about, but they do not influence what or how we write about it. 

Our editorial team is guided by the following principles to ensure that every piece of content we publish is objective, complete and is the most useful version about the topic available to you anywhere on the web. 

1) You are our first priority, every time

All content that appears on Money254, whether it is about a financial concept, a tool, a financial institution, a specific product by a financial institution or service provider is always weighed against the value the reader can derive from it. If it is not useful to your financial journey, we will not write about it. 

2) Editorial Independence

Sometimes our partners sponsor content about topics that they want readers to know more about. Regardless of whether an article is sponsored or not, all product reviews, updates or advertorials will be solely written at the discretion of the editorial board and not at the instruction of partners or advertisers. No member of the editorial team receives any direct or indirect compensation from a partner or advertiser.

3) Transparency

There will always be a clear distinction between content that is paid for by a partner and that which is not. This includes details on who sponsors an article to ensure you always have full knowledge of the fact that we are being compensated for creating the content. This, however, will never influence how we write about a topic or product. 

Articles that include product placements for partners such as listicles will carry disclaimers that affirm this if and when the promoted product affects it’s placement on the page.

4) Accuracy

You are entitled to accurate and complete information that is verified. Where there is ambiguity or lack of clarity about a product detail, we will always inform you about it.

Our team of commercial analysts is constantly reviewing product details, tariff guides, rates and changes in financial products to always provide you with the most accurate information when you need it.

All reviews and commentary on partner products will be done with utmost adherence to truthfulness. This means there will be no attempt to overstate the pros or understate the cons of any particular product or service from a partner.

5) Objectivity

Where promoted content is published, there will be no attempt to be salesy, persuasive or any semblance of making a pitch to you the reader but rather an honest representation of the product to fully provide you with the information you need to make a decision about the suitability of that product for your needs - that we recognise are specifically unique to each one of us. 

6) Instructiveness

All sponsored/promoted content will have to cross an internal “enlightenment threshold” that is a level of usefulness to a reader's financial knowledge-seeking needs to be worth your time.

Our partners are aware that our high-intent readers have real financial needs and only have the time for information that solves their immediate or future needs and as such will provide complete, straightforward and accurate information.

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