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Our team of experts have gone through countless tariff guides and T&Cs to discover Kenya's top current accounts. Search for the lowest charges and find the best account for you below.

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Review accurate information on over 90+ Current Accounts

Understanding the right current account for your needs can be confusing, especially with so many different options existing in Kenya.

Money254 has aggregated nearly every available current account in Kenya into one easy to search database with up-to-date information and objective reviews to help you find one that best fits your needs.

Understand and compare complex fees with ease

Did you know there can be over 20 different types of fees charged on a current account alone?

Our expert team has gone through all of the current accounts available on Money254 to make sure we've captured every single one of these fees to make sure you never get hit with a charge you weren't aware of.

Click on the Details section on our results page to learn more about what these fees are.

Sort available accounts by lowest Maintenance or Ledger Fees

Our results page makes it easy to sort products based on the fees. Easily sort by lowest Maintenance or Ledger Fees to ensure that you can quickly find a product that makes sense for you.

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Top Current Account Tips

1.  Review your old current accounts

People often have old current accounts, usually ones that they opened for a previous job. Review these accounts to make sure you're not getting charged any fees and consider closing them if you don't use them anymore.

2. Watch out for hidden fees

Current accounts have a long list of different charges that can apply to them. Make sure you're fully aware of the charges that apply to the services you most frequently use to avoid any unexpected fees.

3. Choose an account that works for you

Some current accounts will be cheaper for using different services like ATM withdrawals, debit card or cheque books.

Find an account that matches your preferred way of accessing and using your money.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Current Accounts

What is a current account?
Does a current account earn interest?
What is a maintenance fee?
What is a ledger fee?

What is Money254?

Money254 is a new platform focused on helping you make more out of the money you have. We’ve created a simple, fast and secure way to find and compare financial products that best match your needs. All of the information shown is from products available at established financial institutions that our team of experts have tirelessly collected.  

We’ve just launched but will be adding more product categories and tools over the coming months.

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