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Welcome to Money254  - Kenya’s Premier Financial Services Portal
Welcome to Money254  - Kenya’s Premier Financial Services Portal
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Welcome to Money254 - Kenya’s Premier Financial Services Portal

Money254 Team
March 31, 2021

Money254 is a new platform that wants to help you make the most out of the money you have. We’ve created a simple, fast and secure way to find and compare the best financial and insurance products relevant to you. You no longer need to download several lending apps, wait in bank branch queues or make calls to different financial institutions to figure out which products you’re eligible for and on what terms. 

Our team of experts have already done that for you.

We’ve read through tariff guides, reviewed terms and conditions and gone over countless apps in order to aggregate the Kenyan financial market into a single searchable financial product database. All of the product information provided on our platform is collected from the financial providers featured on the website and objectively reviewed by our team. Guided search helps you find the right products quickly and intuitive filters make it easier to compare them on the terms that matter most to you.  We have  combined this information with expert blogs and product guides to make sure you have all of the information you need to understand and grow your money.

And we’re completely free.

We will never charge you for accessing financial product information on Money254. We will never mark-up the price of a product or share your data with any third party without your permission. Our platform is secure and transparent. 

The platform has launched today with all of the best unsecured personal loans available from established providers in Kenya. In the coming weeks we will be adding new products and features to the website to make it easier for you to also compare savings, insurance, investment and credit card opportunities.  Over time, we will be building out budgeting, loan calculators and other money management tools to better support your daily financial management.  

Whether you are an established professional, a student beginning your financial journey or you are looking to maximize your hustle, Money254 wants to help you make more confident financial decisions.

We are excited to be beginning this journey with you. Sign-up for our newsletter and follow us on social media for regular updates. We would love to hear from you, especially if there is a product we are missing that you would like us to review for you or a topic you would like our team to write about.

Thank you from the whole Money254 team.

About Money254

Money254 is the only comprehensive integrated financial services marketplace in Kenya. Launched in March 2021 in response to the decades-old problem of low financial sector transparency, Money254 aggregates the Kenyan market in a single financial product database from where customers can search, compare, understand and purchase. Our mobile web app localises global UX best practices to provide financial tools in an easy-to-access format.

Our mission is to enable consumers in Kenya to make better financial decisions by creating transparency and equal access to financial and insurance product information.

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Money 254 is a new platform focused on helping you make more out of the money you have. We've created a simple, fast and secure way to find and compare financial products that best match your needs. All of the information shown is from products available at established financial institutions that our team of experts has tirelessly collected.

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