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Welcome to Money254 - your simple way to compare loans online.

At Money254, we're dedicated to helping you find the right loans for your business or personal needs. Easily compare over 150 verified loans from banks, MFIs, and digital lenders, and make informed decisions without having to visit a physical branch.

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"It was excellent. I am delighted that you are true partners."

Michael in Naivasha

KES 175,000 to stock up His lighting busines
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"Money254 Relationship Manager Madam Wangui was so wonderful from the time I inquired about loans. She did follow up and ensured I received the loan. Above all, she gave me the assurance and confidence that the partner was a genuine loan agency cause at first I was in doubts. I can't ask for more than what she did."

David in Nairobi

KES 350,000 to pay school fees
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"Thank you. It was EXTREMELY helpful."

Laura in Nairobi

KES 250,000 to fulfill client hardware order
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Answer a few simple questions about your loan needs, and we'll instantly show you personalized loan offers from our partners, complete with full quotes and fee breakdowns — no hidden fees.


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Your Money254 Agent will assist you in submitting your loan application to the lender. With our dedicated agents on your side, your application gets priority support for a faster, smoother experience.

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If you are considering a logbook loan for your business, get full cost breakdowns to find the best for your circumstances.

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Top Business Loan Tips

Plan your loan in advance

Often, the faster you need the loan, the more expensive it will be. Use Money254 to compare disbursement speeds.

Watch out for hidden fees

If you only look at the interest rate, you might think the loan is cheaper than it is. Get a full breakdown on Money254 to understand the true cost.

Set a reminder for your repayment date

Write down your due date and make sure you are saving towards it early. Use Money254 to see the full monthly payment amounts before you apply.

Frequently Asked Questions about Business Loans

Business loans can be hard to understand - let us help clarify things.

What is a business loan?

A business loan is a form of credit offered by various types of lenders for the purpose of business. The level of personal liability business owners have for business loan depends on the type of business registration you have. Read the terms and conditions and be clear on what the loan means for you personally and the business prior to taking it.

What is the difference between a business loan and a personal loan?

Personal loans are disbursed to individuals. The decision to lend is based on your personal financial status and you are fully liable for paying the loan. Use cases for the personal loan are often, but not always, unrestricted- meaning you can spend it on whatever you decide. Business loans on the other hand, are judged based on the business's performance mainly. Sometimes the individuals financial status and credit history will also be required, depending on the business's registration status. Use cases are often, but not always, more restricted than personal loans. Personal Liability for a business loan varies depending on the type of business your company is registered as.

Who offers business loans?

Business loans are offered by a wide range of institutions in Kenya, from digital lenders through to SACCOs, Microfinance institutions and Commercial banks. These institutions will offer different products depending on the stage your business is at and the use case of the loan your business is looking for.

How do I qualify for a business loan?

The type of business loan you qualify for is largely dependent on whether your business is formally registered with either a business permit, certificate of registration or incorporation. The second most important factor is how long your business has been in operation. If your business is not formally registered with any of the above documents then your business will only qualify for personal loans.

What can a business loan be used for?

Business loans can be used for lots of different use cases. General business loans can often be used for any use case within your business, unless stated otherwise in the terms and conditions. Make sure that the loan duration, price and amount match what you need the loan fo prior to taking it.

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