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Instantly search the top credit cards available in Kenya today. Compare on the terms and rewards that work best for you.

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Our team of experts are constantly searching for Kenya's top credit card deals. Compare credit cards today and find the right card for you needs.

Why Find Credit Cards on Money254?

Review the best cards available in Kenya on the terms that matter to you

Our team of experts are constantly searching for the latest credit card deals across Kenya's top commercial banks. Instantly compare all of the cards available in the market across annual fees, interest rates, credit limits and interest free periods.

Easily check eligibility criteria to find a card that you qualify for

Understanding whether you qualify for a credit card can be confusing. Our easy to use results page highlights the important eligibility criteria, from required income level to employment details.

Prioritise rewards that match your lifestyle

Some credit cards give you rewards when you use them, including travel insurance, shopping discounts, or cash back on your purchase. Our easy to use rewards filters allow you to find credit cards with rewards that matter most to you.

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Top Tips to Take Advantage of Credit Cards

1. Pay off your full balance every month to pay no interest on your spending

One of the biggest advantages of credit cards is the interest free period, which is usually between 30-55 days depending on the card. Pay off your full balance every month and you will not pay any interest on your spending.

2. Never skip a monthly payment

Can't make your full monthly payment? No problem, just make sure to pay the minimum monthly repayment amount, which is usually 10 - 20% of your balance depending on the credit card. Missing a payment could lead to a late fee and in some cases impact your credit limit.

3.Use your credit card for purchases, not for withdrawing cash from an ATM

Credit cards are designed for paying in stores or for using for online purchases. Most credit cards tend to have an additional charge if you use it to withdraw cash from an ATM (called a "cash advance fee"). These fees tend to be expensive. Where possible, use your credit cards for transactions and use other methods for withdrawing cash when needed.
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