NCBA Kenya PLC Salary Transactional Account Details

Rates available from as of 1st April 2021
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Salary Account
Min Opening Balance
Maintenance Fee
Ledger Fee (Per Transaction)
Per month
No opening balance required
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Account Details

  • Opening balance: Ksh 0
  • Operating balance: Ksh 0
  • Maintenance fees: No Fee
  • Ledger fees: Ksh 210

Transactional Charges (per transaction)

  • OTC withdrawal amounts above 40K: 100
  • OTC withdrawal for amounts below 40K: 350
  • OTC cash deposits: Free
  • Internal Transfers: Free
  • RTGS: 500
  • International transfers: 2400
  • ATM Withdrawals: 30
  • Salary processing: 500
  • Standing Orders: 200

Account Access Charges (per item)

  • Debit card: 500
  • Cheque book: 675 for 50 leaves
  • Bankers cheque:  530
  • Counter cheque: 365
  • Standing order: 200

Account Management Charges (per request)

  • ATM Statement: Free
  • Mobile banking statement: Free
  • Branch Statement: Free
  • Mobile balance enquiry: Free

Penalty Charges (per instance)

  • Failed standing order: 3000
  • Cheque ‘Refer to drawer’: 3000

Documentation Required

Money254 Review


  • Free statements
  • Access to online banking, mobile banking, debit card
  • Free internal transfers


  • Monthly ledger fees of 210
  • OTC Withdrawals charged 100
  • Salary processing charged 500

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