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10 Businesses to Start With Zero Cash Capital in Kenya
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10 Businesses to Start With Zero Cash Capital in Kenya

When I was studying business studies in high school, one of the constant challenges business organizations faced, small or large, was lack of capital. Indeed, capital is one of the most limited resources with extreme competition for its access. 

In a country such as Kenya, where 17% of the population lives under the poverty line, accessing capital is challenging for millions of Kenyans who may have sound business plans. The beauty amidst these challenges is that, unlike capital, opportunities are unlimited resources. This article presents a few business opportunities that require zero capital to start in Kenya. 

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Translation is the art of rendering a message or document from one language to another. In the increasingly global village, millions of people transact with each other, especially in business and trade, but do not share a language. For example, most Kenyan imports are supplied from China, although the primary language in the Asian nation is Mandarin. 

Suppose you have, or can have, the mastery of a second international language. In that case, there are plenty of business opportunities to offer translation languages to these traders  - or even to tourists who struggle to navigate the country without a guide who understands their language. 

Moreover, you do not necessarily need to understand an international language to earn as a translator in Kenya. Even an understanding of the local languages, including Swahili, can make you money from tourists, and anthropologists, who are visiting from other countries to learn and study the Kenyan culture. 

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In-home Laundry

The growth of the Kenyan economy has resulted in a growing middle class that needs more services that allow them the space to concentrate on other pressing activities such as work and leisure. One such service is the laundry which saves them the hassle of washing their clothes as they work or relax after a tiring day at work. 

Some people choose to take their clothes to the laundromat - but many others prefer to have a cleaning lady come by their house and clean their clothes at home. The rise of the mama fua informal industry presents a huge business opportunity for those who can upscale it - by upholding high standards. The business idea does not require any capital - as the client provides all the cleaning materials required. 

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In-home Hairdressing

Just as more Kenyans prefer to have a cleaning lady visit their home for cleaning, more people are opting for in-home hairdressing. This trend picked up during the pandemic when many people avoided outdoor activities, even though some of these services such as hairdressing, remained critical for most people. 

The model is straightforward and starts with the hairdresser making their services known to the clientele. This could be done through word of mouth, Whatsapp status, Facebook, and other social media channels. The clients then request the hairdressing service at a fee while providing all the necessary materials, including hair oils and braids. The hairdresser, fortunately, does not need any capital to start - but can utilize the earnings to expand the business by hiring more people to take up more of her appointments - or to advertise to more people. 

Travel Agent

Tourism has traditionally been one of the pillars of the Kenyan economy. The trend will likely persist in the coming years as international tourists continue to prefer Kenya as a tourist destination and more Kenyans embrace domestic tourism. This has created an opportunity for travel agents who can connect clients with much-needed tourism services, including hotels, transport, and destinations such as parks and mountains.

 As a travel agent, your business involves identifying great tourist packages - say, hidden spots such as hotels and cottages. You then add a markup or negotiate a commission with the hotel/cottage owner - for a share of each client, you bring in. Another important service travel agents provide is facilitating tourists with convenience. 

For example, you could have a group of tourists who wish to visit Mt Longonot for a hike but are unfamiliar with where to get transport and other related services. You do not need to own a vehicle, but you could arrange with a van operator to pick up the tourists, guide them up the hike and organize with a local hotel for lunch and refreshments after the hike. The tourists then pay a premium fee for these services that allows you to pay the park fees, the transport, and lunch - while leaving you with a profit. 

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Content Marketing 

Content marketing is the strategic creation and distribution of content that serves a specific target audience and ultimately encourages the purchase of a product or service.

Content marketing has become a much-needed business service as the world moves to the digital ecosystem. To become a content marketer, you only need to create good content on social media platforms such as Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Good content includes a strategic choice of the best audience to align your knowledge and potential for business with organizations that require marketing services. For example, if you choose to be a content creator on culinary matters - the clients will probably be companies selling food and related products. The business, however, does not require capital to start - although once the earnings start to stream in - you could use the capital to upscale your business - say by starting your own website or hiring more staff in business development. 

Academic Writing

The academic writing industry is vast, and in Kenya, it serves millions of students worldwide whose mode of instruction is English. The resources required include a personal laptop, a web connection, and expertise in the chosen field. 

An example of business opportunities in academic writing is proofreading, where you go through dissertations and term papers to ensure they are well-written without grammatical errors - and well-referenced in line with the academic requirements. 

Some online tutors help students prepare for their exams through academic tutoring, as well as essay writers - who are paid to prepare academic works that are passed as the student’s own. This last bit is criticised for being unethical - although it remains relatively popular among students. 

Online Reviews

The competition among businesses has seen organizations go to great lengths to get customer feedback to improve their services. One of the ways organizations receive feedback is by paying reviewers to use their product and offer a candid review on the same. These jobs are available on numerous websites and require zero capital - although you will require to have a smart device - a phone or laptop with an internet connection. 

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Website Development 

As more organizations move to the digital space, the website is the starting point for an online presence. This has made web developers some of the most sought professionals in the digital ecosystem. 

The business of web development does not need starting capital - you only need knowledge of building a website and a laptop. If you do not already have the skill of web development, there are free online courses that can help you learn the great skill that will set you on the path to a zero-capital business. 

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Vehicle Restoration

Vehicle repair is an age-old service that has existed for the past decades. The repairs are mainly done in garages and filling stations which operate alongside auto spares shops. However, more Kenyans are turning to restoring old vehicles as a hobby - and often require a mechanic to help them through the car transformation journey. 

Unlike in a traditional garage where the client will pay after the service, the car owner when doing a restoration - caters to all parts required in the repair process. However, the car restoration business is skill-intensive - meaning you will be required to have a great mastery of your skill even though no capital is required. 


If you are passionate about creating unique pieces of art from random things in your environment, you may find yourself on the road to a zero-capital business. The beauty of art is that it is timeless and is in the eye of the beholder. For centuries, great pieces of artwork were reserved for the elite class - kings, chiefs, and leaders of the church. 

However, in recent years more people are enjoying the beauty of art and are even willing to pay a premium for it. Whether it is a painting, a drawing, or a souvenir, there are endless possibilities for those who have the gift of making great art. If you are one of such people, you have probably been making them as a hobby, but it's time to make them a business because, after all, you do not need any extra capital!

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