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11 Top ‘Gig Economy’ Jobs to Earn You Extra Money
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11 Top ‘Gig Economy’ Jobs to Earn You Extra Money

You probably don’t realise it – but you could be working in a gig economy or have a gig economy job, as a hobby.   

In Kenya and globally, technology supports millions of jobs over digital or online platforms, which create and grow entrepreneurial investment, and employment opportunities.

So if you're interested in making some extra income in your spare time; let's start by defining what a gig economy is and what a gig economy job is,  

  • A gig economy is a free job market system, that is an economic system based on supply and demand with little or no government control. This includes temporary job positions where businesses or organisations hire independent workers to undertake short-term tasks. Consequently, businesses can save money on expenses, benefits, hiring, and payroll expenses. Gig workers also benefit from a flexible work schedule to earn income from multiple sources and complete projects and tasks.
  • A gig economy job refers to short-term contract jobs, part-time jobs, and one-time jobs with flexible hours. Instead of being part of the full-time staff, you generally work as an independent contractor or freelancer, which makes it easier to make more money and find new and exciting paying jobs.

Here are gig economy jobs that you can consider and take up, as a suitable source of extra income 

1. Rideshare Driver or Rider 

If you own or have access to a car or motorcycle, you can earn extra money taking people to-and-fro, when you want and wherever you are. 

To get started, start by registering as a driver or rider on several apps. After application approval, you have access to different app variables to earn more money as a taxi pickup-and-drop off service through the app’s flexible pay structure. These app variables are base fares, tips, and other incentives (like selling bottled water, wet wipes, rain-poncho/pocket umbrellas)

2. Delivery Driver

Unlike the rideshare driver or rider option, you can opt to offer your transport means to deliver goods for businesses to deliver anything from food take-outs, electric appliances, groceries, liquor, and other beverages to office supplies.

You have the option to register on apps and/or work directly with a business. 

In addition to the high earning potential, you have independent control of what jobs to take on and your working hours.

3. Web Development/Software Programming

This is a lucrative option for the tech-savvy or skilled freelancers in the I.T. and software engineering fields. 

If you're interested in taking up a tech gig job, you can learn the basics of several programming languages by taking a class or coding boot camp online and you'll get started on your projects on freelance sites in no time.

So, as the business world goes digital, there’s a high demand for software(s) to support a business’ digital platforms. 

Here’s what you have a pick at as a web developer - either in front-end web development (what a user sees when they visit a website) or back-end web development (what makes a website and its features function properly).  

4. Rent Out Your Home or Car 

Another well-paying gig economy job is leasing your assets for profit. You can rent your assets for extra through apps designed to support specific asset rental services, making it easy to promote your rental and for customers to find you, book and pay.

For House and Room Rentals:- You list your rental property or available rooms in your home, as affordable and comfortable accommodation. It's an especially high-earning opportunity during the holiday seasons and/or when regional events/conferences/trade fairs are ongoing. 

For Transport Means Rental (car, motorbikes, bicycles, scooters, tuk-tuks):- Consider leasing your means of transport for use by another party.  To give an example, your neighbourhood local church can hire your van to transport people to-and-fro, for weekly prayer meetings.

Other options would be to lease your car for events, such as funerals, graduations, weddings plus more.

In Kenya, motorcycle rental services do exist. This means you have access to another popular and lucrative local earning opportunity, where you can profit from the popularity of boda-bodas as a way to meet business demand. Consider a corporate business that allows external parties to lease their privately owned motorbikes to them (all you'll have to do is to get fitted with a carrier box). 

5. Online Marketing & PR

Just like brick-and-mortar businesses, online businesses also need marketing and promotional expertise to operate and thrive as an e-business. 

As the corporate world continues to adapt digitally, there’s a continued high demand for engaging marketing collateral/content, social media marketing, and management, SEO, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), paid advertising on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Google Ads, and so on.

While some larger jobs require a few years experience and a degree, some don't. You can take short-courses, practice your craft as you go and start with smaller businesses as you build up. 

These jobs are plenty and accessible on freelancer sites and job sites, with the flexibility of work hours and project choice too.

6. Graphic Design

This option is just as popular as a full-time job too. As a side-hustle, it provides an opportunity for you to take up as an extra earning source. In addition to earning extra income, you can submit your design work onto royalty-free sites where you get professional recognition and get access to like-minded professional networking opportunities.  

Let’s get into the earning specifics, of extra ways graphic designers earn:- 

  • You can design and sell graphic templates of business card templates, logos, brochure designs, PowerPoint templates, which are constantly in demand
  • You can also design content as a branding service. For instance, you can design unique social media content for brands and businesses for use on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, to name a few

7. Freelance Writer 

This is one of the most sought-after freelance jobs available today. If you enjoy and are skilled in CV writing, speech writing, storytelling/narrative writing, advertising & marketing writing, poetry/limericks/ad songs, academic writing, and so on, this may be something to try out 

Does this sound like your go-to option? Get started by signing up to online international and local freelancer sites and job sites, which can connect you with those who need your expertise. 

Some freelance gigs pay per article, while most jobs pay on a per-word basis. The charges can be independently set or by those, looking to hire at a fixed payment rate. 

For example, as an expert writer, you can charge $20-50 dollars per 500 words for international jobs. Locally you can earn between Ksh200 - Ksh400 per page for academic writing.

The main requirements are language proficiency, being skilled in up-to-date industry tools (such as keyword search tools), and diverse content-based knowledge for authoritative content that customers will want to pay good money for.

8. Personal Tutor 

First things first – you don’t need a teaching degree. Fortunately, to meet pandemic work safety requirements and adapt digital tools as a learning aid, you can share your expertise as an online tutor or trainer.

You can choose to post up training videos or offer live training sessions on video conferencing apps or websites such as google meet, zoom, blackboard collaborate (educators app-of-choice), skype for business, Cisco WebEx-which is the preferable app for a large number of team members. 

9. Proofreader / Editor

If writing is not your preference; you might want to consider being a proofreader instead. You may enjoy catching grammar and misspellings (especially if you're the one that's often correcting people's spelling and grammar on chat messages, this is a perfect fit option for you).

This is a reliable gig economy job, which anyone can do and earn from if you are well educated and detail-oriented. 

Private and corporate hiring of editing/proofreading services for clean, comprehensive content is in high demand and this win-win opportunity allows you to do what you enjoy, while the one hiring can free up resources, so they can focus on other aspects of their business and/or life. 

10. Video Editor

Videos and visual media are popular and verified effective ways for businesses to share memorable, engaging content. 

The demand for professional video content means video editor services are lucrative and in demand. This gig economy job is also available on job sites and freelance sites and pays quite well for quality work.

Whether you are a pro or enjoy editing clips, making transitions, adding music, adjusting sound, and all related tasks about video editing - this could be a great match for you.

11. Transcriber 

Transcribing is a job anyone can do though not anyone might want to because you're required to commit quite a bit of time.  

If you are a skilled typist or a fast, accurate typist, you may want to consider this to cash in on your skills. As a transcriber, you listen to audio recordings and type them out as written reports known as transcripts. 

Based on your accuracy and speed, you can take up a significant number of jobs.

Access to transcriber job offers are often part-time or temporary jobs and advertised on job sites and freelance sites. Like most gig economy jobs, a flat rate fee is offered, or you can set an hourly fee, as the person providing the service.

Earn Where You Can & When You Can

There are many gig economy jobs but from the above listed you've probably noted more than one gig economy job you could take on.

Nevertheless, take a step back and answer the questions – how much can you handle? how well can you handle your gig economy job? 

It may take some time, however, any extra income amount is a good thing - and it may take a bit longer before receiving a significant paycheck becomes a reality. So, if you need cash urgently, it may help to fall back on your gig economy job option.

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Gathoni is a skilled content developer with over 5 years of experience in content development as a graphic design and copywriter, in different industry sectors. Her passion to nurture positive, stronger, communication impact continues. You can find her on LinkedIn here.

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