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Easter In Nairobi? 10 Cheap Places to Visit With Kids
Easter In Nairobi? 10 Cheap Places to Visit With Kids
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Easter In Nairobi? 10 Cheap Places to Visit With Kids

Eunniah Mbabazi
April 14, 2022

The Easter holidays are here again and parents are going up and down the country looking for ways to occupy their children's days while they are off work and kids off school.

However, not everybody has a huge budget to spend on vacations and days out. With the fuel shortage, high fares and a generally higher cost of living, fewer and fewer families in Nairobi can afford to celebrate Easter upcountry. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of fun activities you can do with your children to keep them entertained. What’s more, many are free or cheap to do.

Here are ten examples of cheap places you should consider visiting in Nairobi over Easter.

1. Diguna High Ropes Challenge

Diguna High Ropes challenge is a great adventure for you especially if you are looking for an activity away from home and not too far out of Nairobi.

It is located at AIC Diguna in Rongai. Just as the name suggests, the High Ropes Challenge is a course with a series of high ropes through which you must traverse to finish.

It’s a great adventure and more fun when you are with friends. The price is not very high. It just costs Ksh150 for every person. If it may be a little too much of an adrenaline rush for your kids, then this may not be the option for you, unless your children are a little older and can enjoy this activity. 

You can get there by private means or even public. The Matatus to look for are those that ply route 125/126. Get off at the Maasai Lodge stage. There are bodabodas at that stage that can get you to the location.

2. Memorial Park Museum

The museum is found in the Memorial Park also commonly known as “Bomb Blast”. It’s a museum with a park. It was built to commemorate the victims of the bombing that happened in Nairobi on the morning of August 7,, 1998, of what was then the US Embassy.

It costs very little to gain entry into the park. Entry is Ksh30 and if you are interested to get into the museum you will have to pay another Ksh50, Ksh100 or Ksh150 to get in depending on whether you are a student, a resident or a non-resident.

The museum is a room where you can view part of the wreckage from the bombing. Thereafter, you will watch a documentary showing the events of the bomb blast.

3. Kenya National Archives

Are you a history enthusiast? How much do you know about the political history of Kenya? The Kenya National Archives is the best place for you to visit if you want to know more. 

For Nairobians, it is more of a landmark for meetings whenever in town. But if you ask around how many people have been inside, you will be surprised at how little the number will be.

The Kenya National Archives was established in 1965. Later on, in 1989, a National Documentation and Information Retrieval Service was added to handle government publications. 

The services offered were records management, conservation, microfilming, national documentation and archives administration. It holds up to 1.5 million documents about Kenya’s history. 

There are also pictures of Mau Mau freedom fighters, a huge portrait of Queen Elizabeth and Kenya’s political class. The ground floor is filled with a wide collection of African artefacts.

Charges at the gate are Ksh100 and Ksh50 for students with school IDs.

4. Funscapes Arcade

Funscapes Arcade is a family-friendly theme park that offers a variety of fun activities for kids including bumper cars, video games and drop towers. It also offers virtual reality games that can take you virtually to any place across the world.

The place is accommodating for children in all age brackets. There are a number of branches including Thika Road Mall, NextGen Mall along Mombasa road and at The Hub in Karen.

They charge Ksh500 per child for several games

5. Lunar Park

Lunar Park is such a great place to spend quality time together with your family. There are a variety of rides to give a try and cost Ksh300 for single rides. 

You will get ten tickets for just Ksh2000 and if you are packed, with Ksh3000 you will get unlimited rides.

While you let your kids play, if you get hungry from all the fun there is at the park, you can order from a range of foods including grilled meat and drinks at restaurants in the park.

Lunar Park is situated along Kiambu Road just after the DCI headquarters.

6. Cycling at Karura Forest

The Karura Forest Reserve is an urban upland forest on the outskirts of Nairobi. This remarkable geographical location and natural resource is one of the largest gazetted forests in the world fully within city limits. It covers an area of about 2,500 acres.

The forest is such a beautiful place, very tranquil and has over 30km of hiking and cycling trails. The main gate is located off Limuru Road just opposite the Belgian Embassy. 

If you are using public means, board a matatu route number 11B, 106, 107, 108, 114 or 116 then alight Karura. You can ask the tout to drop you off if you are unfamiliar with the place. They’ll leave you at Entry point A. That is the main Gate.

Charges at the gate are Ksh150 for adults and Ksh100 for children. Renting a bike costs Ksh500 for two hours.

7. Joseph Murumbi Gallery

This gallery is situated at the intersection of Uhuru Highway and Kenyatta Avenue, next to the General Post Office (GPO) in town. 

It houses a collection of African artefacts that had been collected by Joseph Murumbi during his travels.

The entry fee is Ksh150.

8. Giraffe Centre

Giraffe Centre is situated in Karen. While many may see it as one of the most cliche places to visit, it has never lost its allure - and kids will definitely love it. 

It is managed by the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife. It’s a good place to spend some time with your family as you feed giraffes. 

They charge Ksh400 for resident adults and Ksh200 for resident children.

9. Nairobi Safari Walk

Nairobi Safari Walk is located within the Nairobi National Park. The entrance fee is Ksh250 for citizen adults, Ksh130 for citizen children, Ksh200 for resident children and Ksh300 for resident adults. 

While on the 3km safari walk, you’ll get to see the biodiversity in the ecosystem. You will also get to see a variety of wildlife. The raised boardwalk will let you view the wildlife below.

10. Movies

Do you love movies? There are various movie theatres in Nairobi where you could watch the latest movies with your close ones. 

Tickets cost between Ksh600 and Ksh800 depending on the theatre and movie. There are also discounted offers on select days at specific movie theatres.

Some movie theatres in Nairobi include Anga Imax Kenya – 20th Century, Anga Diamond Plaza, Anga Sky Cinema, Century Imax – Garden City, Century Cinemax Junction, Fox Cineplex Sarit, Prestige Cinemas, and Westgate Cinema.


These options are not too expensive, are they? These are just a few of the very many options we have around Nairobi. There is no need to get strung up at home thinking that recreational places are too expensive.

Remember to use the money that you already have so that you will not get into debt. If you have been caught off-guard this Easter, then plan for the next. Purpose to save specifically for your feel-good expense.

Happy Easter. 

Eunniah is an experienced business writer and editor. She is also a published author with two titles under her belt; Breaking Down and If My Bones Could Speak. You can find Eunniah on Twitter @Eunnyversal

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