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9 Ways New Small Kenyan Businesses Can Save Money
9 Ways New Small Kenyan Businesses Can Save Money
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9 Ways New Small Kenyan Businesses Can Save Money

Ian Job
March 17, 2023

Have you just started your brand-new business from scratch, or are you already operating one? It can be expensive, especially when every aspect requires money. Any misstep can lead to more significant problems and crash your business before it picks pace.

A big chunk of your cash might be sourcing raw materials, paying for overheads, or staff salaries. But you might also have areas like marketing and staff incentives that take a decent portion of your finances. 

Again, do you have tasks that take too much effort and time? These could also cost you; only creativity and an astute mind can keep your business steady. 

Many companies discover all too late that they need to spend more, sometimes double what they initially planned. Specific areas/departments cost more than you ever imagined. All you want is ways to reduce costs.

This article explores various strategies you can use to save money in your small business.

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1. Share Office Space with Other Businesses

As a new small business owner, an ingenious way to save money for your business is shared space. You might wonder if it's an ideal option. At this rate, every dime counts. The company is not just new but relatively small; any money you save on rent and other overheads can help you expand.

Yet, shared office space also comes with additional perks. For example, you begin to project a professional image critical to your business. You can also access strong network support. 

Within this space, you can easily connect with other business owners from whom you can learn the ropes. It's also possible to attract a unique customer base for your products/services. Customers buying from these other businesses might be curious and eager to know what you sell.

2. Pay Any Business Debts on Time to Avoid Accruing Interest

Starting a new business, however small, might require borrowing a few business loans here and there. If you want to stand firm and save money in the process, you have to make timely repayments for these loans. Doing so means there are no penalties or added interest that might jeopardise your tight budget. Besides, paying your debts on time has additional benefits. For example:

  •  You maintain a good reputation among lenders. 
  •  It can enable you to access discounts on goods from vendors.
  •  It can encourage your networks to recommend your business.

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3. Use Affordable Local Raw Materials and Labor

Your new small business requires you to cut costs on almost all fronts. And it's more than sourcing local raw materials that could save you money. Local labour is less demanding, cheaper, and easier to handle. 

These might be people you can easily communicate with and trust. And because they come from the same locality, you can save on their food and accommodation expenses and transportation. Your new staff will also avoid relocation difficulties and expenses. It makes the overall labour costs much cheaper than if you hired someone hundreds of miles away.  

4. Automate Some of the Tasks

Automation makes tasks more manageable, fast, and error-free. But it also saves you vast amounts of money that you might pay someone to do manually. Some of the business-related tasks you can automate include: 

  •  Customer care organising tasks, including inquiries
  •  Customer Email auto response
  •  Invoice reminders
  •  Automatic bill payments through your bank or mobile phone service provider

5. Choose Mobile Over a Permanent Location

A brilliant way a new small business can save money is to go mobile. If you are a product vendor, you should go right where customers are rather than stay and wait for them to come to you at a permanent station. 

The first advantage is that you will save tons of money because you do not require that dedicated permanent space. You also do not need a large inventory which is typical of setting up a shop.

Lastly, as you move, you create brand awareness in various locations, helping you to attract even more customers.

6. Use Free Technological Tools and Resources

Many tools and resources exist to make your transition into the business world less expensive. Remember, one of the initial activities for your new small business is to create a business plan. You should also make an attractive logo.

Hiring a graphic designer for your logo won't be cheap; neither is getting someone to develop your business plan. However, you can easily use free digital logo makers and business plan generation tools to create these crucial business resources.

You can also use technology to set up your small business right from the comfort of your home. By working remotely, you save massive amounts of money that would have gone to overhead costs such as rent, transportation, water, and electricity.

7. Cut Down on Paid Marketing

Promotion and advertising are the key ingredients to making sales for your business. These marketing efforts make people know you exist. You may be running paid advertising for your business. Perhaps you are attending seminars and doing cold emails. 

All of these are good but can be costly for your new small business. Here’s how you  can cut down on marketing expenses:

  • Reduce the number of marketing channels you use. 
  • Automate more marketing tasks to free up time and money for your business(for example, opt for social media chatbots).
  • Go for free marketing tools instead of subscriptions.
  • Generate effective lead sources for conversion through friends, networks, and social media. 
  •  Maximise referral marketing and encourage word-of-mouth with your current customers. 
  •  Cut costs by using remote marketing teams.

8. Outsource Some Departments

One of the ways you can save money in your new small business is to outsource tasks and whole departments. Think of cleaning services, security, and even accounting. 

As a business owner, you might need to gain the expertise to handle the accounts. Instead of hiring an accountant, you can outsource these tasks to a knowledgeable individual or professional firm, which is way cheaper. 

The same applies to all other areas such as security. An outside company handling critical security assignments can save you massive sums of money.

9. Reduce Unnecessary Staff Perks

Staff motivation is the key to business growth, and many companies provide attractive benefits to achieve this feat. However, you are just starting, and your company is small. 

For now, creating other motivation strategies that only involve a little money is prudent. Encourage your staff to walk the journey with you. Provide only the necessary financial benefits such as timely monthly checks and healthcare insurance.


Like most businesspeople, you might have big dreams for your new small business. However, you cannot get the desired return on investment (ROI) if you overspend. Instead, you have to look for ways to avoid some expenses. 

By cutting unnecessary costs, you save money and invest more. Remember, even if you are not on a shoestring budget, it makes clever sense to save every penny to keep your business healthy. Focus on what works, and eliminate or improve methods that might be eating your money. For example, you can optimise your time with automation and save on manual processes. 

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Ian Job is an articulate writer with over four years of experience in SEO writing, digital marketing and screenwriting. Away from writing, he's probably producing an indie movie if you don't find him mentoring upcoming content writers. You can connect with him on Medium.

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