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Happy Holidays: 5 Pocket-Friendly Ways To Treat Yourself 
Happy Holidays: 5 Pocket-Friendly Ways To Treat Yourself 
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Happy Holidays: 5 Pocket-Friendly Ways To Treat Yourself 

Doreen Gathoni
December 18, 2021

As you rush to get your home, your budget and people organised for what you hope will be a picture-perfect holiday, you’ve probably heard that loud voice in your head saying, “Take a break. Breathe” 

This may sound impossible and sometimes selfish – but remember a happier, relaxed you is a win-win for you and everyone around you, especially when it comes to decisions on what to spend, save, loan and give / gift. 

Here’s what to remember and what to do, according to financial therapists,

 “Christmas is a rollercoaster of emotions ranging from excitement to anxiety and self-care helps you feel less overwhelmed and more in control”. 

Therefore, when we mention, “treat yourself / self-care” we are referring to a plan to figure out how to pamper yourself and spend responsibly.

  • It’s easier than you think (and it doesn’t include expensive, over-the top options nor does it include dingy / tasteless options)

The Good News: There Is Something For Everyone

Let’s dive into 6 solo’ ways to treat yourself on a budget next time you need some “me time”, without compromising other budget plans and without worrying about unwanted company. 

1. Sleep In & Stay In

A guilt-free moment to enjoy your own space with no obligations or to-do tasks is an easy way to get away from everything and everyone, for a little while. 

All you have to do is pick a date and commit to actually showing up for your “me time”. Simply:-  

  • Set a date, kick back and relax
  • If you have kids or dependents, start the search early and arrange for your spouse, friends, siblings (etc.) to take the kids out or watch and/or entertain your dependents 
  • Ask your spouse or partner to have a day out, while you have a stay-cation (unless you’d like to unwind with them too)

2. Take Advantage of Offers at Salons and Barbershops

You know you need to bring your “A-game” before the holiday festivities and working towards a happier’ you – emotionally, mentally and spiritually is a start. 

If a new hairdo, a shave / beard trim, a manicure or pedicure, a facial (etc.) is how you want to relax, go ahead. Check out your regular and local trendy shops and try them out.

The exciting thing about the holidays is that the spirit-of-giving extends to businesses too so don’t miss out 

3. Go On A “Me’’ Date

What’s your preferred ‘’royal date / dining treatment’’ look like?

Lunch at a scenic restaurant location, milkshakes at a café booth, take-out dinner on your cozy couch, chocolate and wine – whatever it is; enjoy yourself and stick to your budget. 

  • Sometimes all you need to relax is some quality time enjoying your favourite snacks / meals / beverages. There is no time like the present - checkout the happy hour offers for a variety of appetisers, meals, cocktails available at rock-bottom prices 

4. Get Adventurous

Any new indoor or outdoor activities you want to try? (maybe) There are hobbies you want to take up again

Whether your choice of a hobby is academic, athletic or creative - make sure it is enjoyable and beneficial to you. 

Hobbies are quite easy to get started-on - just keep your spending low and the fun-times going. Here are some ideas:-

  • Join local group day tours for hikes, national parks, picnics, nature trail walks (etc.)

They’re low-priced and inclusive offers, which include transport, refreshments, entry fees and some special freebies depending on the tour package

  • Take advantage of off-peak days and holiday season offers at museums, galleries, theatres, cinemas and arcades (yes! if you’re a “gamer’’ arcades have amazing weekend and holiday deals, all year round too)
  • Check out any new or existing weekend or holiday exhibitions shows at malls (etc.)
  • Redeem shopping points of your choice & treat-your-self’ to a new outfit, décor item, jewelry (etc.) at free-to-discount prices

5. Movie Marathon/TV Show Binge At Home

“Curling up on your bed, couch or recliner with a cozy duvet or shawl, to watch as many shows or movies as you want 

is a “me time” session to look forward to”

Cinemas or movie theatres are fun but for some free-to-low cost leisure time, this option is more about what you like - making this a go-to option all year round too. 

  • Your preferred drinks and meals are readily available for you to enjoy at your own leisure  
  • No restrictions. No interruptions (put your feet up, drink and eat what you want, watch at your pace)  

6. Get Creative (Are You Artsy or Musical?) 

Engaging in simple yet creative tasks can be a stress-reliever, which is a great plus for your emotional and mental health. 

According to mental health expert studies, it’s clinically proven that self-care reduces stress, reduces or eliminates anxiety, improves concentration, increases happiness and improves energy

Choosing a creative outlet is an entertaining option, especially if TV and cinemas aren’t your preference. 

It doesn't matter if you consider yourself creative or not - there is no expertise required and it’s an ideal way to spend your time at low-to-no cost. 

  • If you’re the creative type – the sky's the limit, so whether it’s trying a new recipe, dancing, painting, drawing, playing your instrument (etc.) your imagination is your playing field. Have fun and take it easy plus the process of making something from scratch or something unique not only makes you feel good but is also time well spent.
  • If you’re not the creative type - try something easy, new and artistic (e.g.) tryout the YouTube / online DIY tasks, which use available / needs cheap supplies. These creative breaks do help to give your mind and body a break 

Say YES! To Life & Money Balance

This year, have the last laugh after all the holiday preparation ups-n-downs. 

  • Be Real. Take Your Time. Enjoy Your Time 

We’re not ignoring that a lot of overspending or impulse buying, often occurs when we choose to splurge or choose to treat ourselves; however, with the budget-friendly ideas above treating yourself can be a frequent, enjoyable experience at any time of the year

Now, it’s your turn to treat yourself!

Gathoni is a skilled content developer with over 5 years of experience in content development as a graphic design and copywriter, in different industry sectors. Her passion to nurture positive, stronger, communication impact continues. You can find her on LinkedIn here.

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