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Who Qualifies for HELB Loans; Undergraduate, TVET, Graduate and Scholarships
Who Qualifies for HELB Loans; Undergraduate, TVET, Graduate and Scholarships
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Who Qualifies for HELB Loans; Undergraduate, TVET, Graduate and Scholarships

Money254 Team
November 12, 2021

The Higher Education Loans Board (Helb) provides prospective students and graduates with loans, scholarships, and bursaries for their education in Kenya. 

1. Undergraduate Loan

These loans are for students pursuing their studies in Public or Chartered Private Universities within the East African Community, placed either through the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS), Self-sponsored, Parallel and Module II Students studying for a Bachelor’s Degree only.  

Pre-University, Certificate, Diploma, or Postgraduate students are not eligible to apply for this loan. The loan attracts an interest of 4% and Ksh1,000/= ledger fee per year. Students are advised to apply for the loan at least one month before the opening date to allow ample time for processing. 

Qualifications for the Undergraduate Loan 

For you to qualify you should be;

  1. A recent beneficiary of the Undergraduate Loan
  2. You should have been placed by the Kenya Universities and Colleges Placement Service [KUCCPS] in the local public and private universities.
  3. Self-Sponsored, Parallel and Module II Students studying for a Bachelor’s degree only [Certificate, Diploma, Pre-University and Postgraduate students ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR THIS PRODUCT]


2. TVET Loan

Kenyan students pursuing Certificate, Diploma, and Higher National Diploma courses in select Public Universities, select University Colleges, Public National Polytechnics, and approved TVET Colleges under the Ministry of Education are eligible for this loan and bursary. 

The loan attracts an interest rate of 4% and a ledger fee of Ksh1,000/= per year.

Qualifications for TVET Loan

  1. You should be enrolled in approved TVET courses and should also be applying for your first student loan.


3. Jielimishe Loan for Salaried Students

HELB offers Jielimishe Loan to employed students pursuing Professional Courses, Higher National Diploma, Bachelors, Postgraduate-Diploma, Masters or Ph.D. degrees in Kenya. The loans are awarded per year and paid directly to the approved institutions of higher learning. 

Qualifications for Jielimishe Loan for Salaried Students

To qualify for this loan, you should be an employee in:

  1. The Civil service (Ministries, Counties, National Police Service, Kenya Defense Forces)
  2. Public Commissions e.g. Teachers Service Commission, JSC, PSC, CAJ, SRC, CRA, etc
  3. Parastatals e.g. KRA, NSSF, NHIF, NTSA, KWS, KFS, KPA etc
  4. Public Universities
  5. Selected Private companies (E-mail to check whether your company is eligible)


4. Civil Servants Training Revolving Fund

This is a facility specifically for Civil Servants in National Government, County Governments, and National Police Service. This loan is offered in collaboration with The Ministry of Public Service. 

The amount awarded is between Ksh30,000/= and Ksh500,000/= at a competitive low-interest rate of 4% per year, with a prolonged repayment period of up to 72 months (6 years) through check-off. 

The courses covered include examinable short courses of at least three (3) months and Postgraduate studies (Masters and Ph.D.). The loan is used to finance Tuition, Library, Computer, and Research, and Examination fee.

Qualifications for Civil Servants Training Revolving Fund 

To qualify for this loan, you should be a; 

  1. Civil Servant in National Government, Parliamentary Service Commission, Judicial Service Commission, County Governments, and National Police Service pursuing Postgraduate studies

5. KRA Staff Training Revolving Fund  

This loan product from HELB offers loans of up to Ksh500,000/= at a competitive interest rate of 4% per year. 

Qualifications for KRA Staff Training Revolving Fund Loan 

To qualify for this loan product, you should be;

  1. An employee at KRA pursuing Certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate or Postgraduate studies at KESRA or a recognized Kenyan university

6. HELB Postgraduate Scholarships 

HELB awards partial scholarships to Kenyans pursuing postgraduate programs (Masters or Ph.D.) in local Public or Private Universities recognized by the Commission for University Education [CUE]. 

The value of the scholarship award is Ksh200,000/= and Ksh450,000/= for Masters and Ph.D. programs respectively, tenable for 2 years in respect of the Master’s Programme and 3 years for the Ph.D. 

Qualifications for HELB Postgraduate Scholarships 

To qualify for this postgraduate scholarship you should;

  1. Have a letter of Admission into a full or part-time Postgraduate university program.
  2. Have a minimum undergraduate qualification of Second-Class Honors, Upper Division.
  3. Be reporting for your first year of study


  1. Preference is given to applicants undertaking Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Innovation, and Fisheries [STEM IF] and those courses which will directly contribute to the “Big Four Agenda”
  2. If the applicant is a previous or current HELB loan beneficiary, the applicant MUST be repaying his/her loan or has cleared the loan.

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