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10 Best Finance Podcasts of 2022 
10 Best Finance Podcasts of 2022 
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10 Best Finance Podcasts of 2022 

Ian Job
April 27, 2022

The money topic is sensitive and evokes different emotions in different people. To some, it's a source of excitement. To others, it creates worry and discomfort. Still, the more candid you approach it, the easier you can plan your financial security and freedom. 

It's why knowledge bases like financial podcasts attract many listeners keen to change their financial situation for the better. Financial podcasts help people gain insight into money. They cover diverse topics for a deeper perspective on approaching money matters.

Financial podcasts are an incredible source of information that can help you to make critical, life-changing financial decisions. You can improve your budgeting, investing, and managing debt, mortgage, or retirement plans by listening to the right financial podcasts.

Well-researched podcasts can broaden your financial understanding, helping to create wealth and financial security. Most financial podcasts feature weekly episodes with tips, interviews, and life experiences about how to spend less and save more on your earnings. 

But with over 2 million shows from around the world, it can be challenging to pick one that suits your interest. To save you the hassle of finding actual content, here is a look at the best ten finance podcasts of 2022.

1. BiggerPockets Money Podcast

BiggerPockets Money ranks among the very best finance podcasts of recent times. The show has Mindy Jensen and Scott Trench as hosts, providing excellent insight into managing your finances. If you are keen to earn and save more, the one-hour-long weekly episodes can help you. Mindy and Scott serve as goals because they are achievers financially. Their words are authentic, authoritative, and worth emulating. Most listeners boost their earning potential with instructive financial independence and wealth enhancement topics. Most of them support and inspire them to look deeper into the element of budgeting their money.

 2. The Dave Ramsey Show

The Dave Ramsey Show podcast has run since 1992 and covers an expansive listening forum about money. The podcast tackles tough and often uncomfortable money questions that most people want to shy away from. With a weekly reach of over 18 million listeners, the Dave Ramsey Show significantly influences many people globally. The intelligent discussions and guest interviews create immense change in money management. The 5-star show often has Dave sharing his financial expertise, helping you finally take control of your life and finances. 

3. ChooseFi (Financial Independence) Live Show 

Jonathan & Brad are ChooseFi podcast hosts. Their primary focus is on financial independence and providing timely solutions for your money situation. The weekly episodes tackle a variety of topics to create financial literacy. The duo explores a myriad of tips and tactics for the FI (Financial Independence ) community to focus and reclaim their lives. Modern start-ups, tax-payers, and early retirees have massive info to help them along the financial journey.

4. Afford Anything Podcast

Wouldn't it be blissful to afford anything you need in the world? Afford Anything podcast, with show host Paula Pant candidly approaches money conversations to improve personal finance and wealth. The financial podcast episodes include interviews with entrepreneurs, retirees, and investors sharing their knowledge and experience. It doesn't matter your money situation. You will mostly find a topic that addresses your issue. Say you are starting a brand new business or subject to massive debt or even black tax. With hundreds of episodes at your disposal, you won't miss a show that resonates and answers your questions.

5. Millennial Investing Podcast

One of the most informative financial podcasts right now is Millennial Investing. Hosted by Robert Leonard and Clay Finck, the show explores various topics that help vast numbers of listeners to understand their finances. Some practical issues include real estate investment, the current value of stocks, market patterns, and types of economic environments. The discussions help listeners make critical life changes amid a repressive economy or a pandemic.

6. Real Estate and Financial Independence Podcast

Real Estate and Financial Independence Podcast has Chad "Coach" Carson as its host. Most listeners enjoy the timely advice and real-life experiences for financial security. Real estate stands out as an asset class with one of the highest rates of returns over the last five years. The podcast consists of interviews with real estate experts and other industry players whose rich insight can help your real estate investing knowledge needs.

7. FRT Podcast

If your interest is in digital innovation, such as decentralized finance and cyber-security, FRT (Finance Regulation Technology) podcast might be your thing. The show features hundreds of episodes, most of them about the modern money systems available for investment. The podcasts are public, enabling you to quickly learn ways to grow and secure your income through various digital finance systems.

8. Bloomberg Surveillance Online Show

Bloomberg Surveillance has Tom Keene, Paul Sweeny, and Lisa Abramowicz as its hosts. They mainly tackle topics related to global market economies and prices. The latest episodes gravitate around the sanctions against Russia, Global debt, and the macroeconomic effects of this unstable environment. Digital currency and Forex investors can also get great insights as they listen to the line-up of episodes on the show.

9. Meaningful Money Podcast

Meaningful Money podcast communicates to listeners about simple budgeting, financial security, and investment skills. Pete Matthew, a renowned chartered and certified financial expert, hosts the show. The podcast targets regular people defining what money may mean to their lives. The episodes are a vital resource, guiding you on how you can make modest but productive financial plans. Meaningful Money episodes explain how you can spend less, save more and make sound investment plans.

10. Real Estate 101

Real Estate 101 podcast sparks exciting conversations about money and investment in property. Robert Leonard, who hosts this show, brings onboard industry experts in each episode to delve deep into the basics and importance of investing. The topics are diverse. You can explore stocks, cryptocurrency, real estate, and even hospitality for your financial emancipation.


Millions of financial podcasts abound. While we mentioned just 10 of the very best, you can scour the online podcast sphere for more. The more research and knowledge you gain, the greater your ability to make better financial decisions. Listening regularly to informative and authoritative financial podcasts enables you to invest more wisely, shop more conscientiously, and save.

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Ian Job is an articulate writer with over four years of experience in SEO writing, digital marketing and screenwriting. Away from writing, he's probably producing an indie movie if you don't find him mentoring upcoming content writers. You can connect with him on Medium.

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