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10 Mega Holiday Discounts you Must Take Advantage of Now
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10 Mega Holiday Discounts you Must Take Advantage of Now

It is that time of the year you have been waiting for. The holidays are around the corner, and retailers nationwide are offering massive discounts to everyone eager to shop—both online and offline. Whether you are looking to upgrade your home appliances or electronics, change your wardrobe or buy holiday gifts for family and friends, there are epic deals to choose from.

If you've been saving for a big purchase all year, the holiday season is the best time to take advantage of the best deals and get value for your money. Some retailers have kick-started their Black Friday deals, and more will be doing so in the coming days.  But to get the best possible, plan your holiday purchases around these important dates:

Black Friday: Traditionally, it's the last Friday of November, and retailers give their best discounts on that day. However, the event is month long, and you can expect discounts on all major retailers throughout November. You will get the best deals for electronics and smart home appliances. 

Cyber Monday: It happens on the last Monday of November and is an extension of Black Friday. But unlike Black Friday, Cyber Monday is primarily an online event. 

Super Saturday: This is the last Saturday before Christmas, filled with last-minute deals for those who haven’t finished their holiday shopping.

New Year's Eve: This is when retailers usually offer their after-Christmas deals, starting on 26th December. If you are a parent with a school-going child, this is the period to look for back-to-school sales.

With that in mind, here are the top ten places where you will find megadeals over the holiday season.

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10 Mega Holiday Discounts in Kenya

Carrefour Kenya

Throughout November, the supermarket chain will run the black November sales in a promotion called “Carrefour Friday.” They are offering discounts of up to 50% on selected products from groceries, home appliances, electronics, and much more. They are also adding new products daily that you can buy from their website, app, or get at their stores.

Some of Carrefour's offers are only available at select stores and as long as stock lasts. You should therefore ensure that you keep an eye on and take the deal as fast as possible. To ensure that you get the offers as soon as they are announced, follow the brands on their official social media pages.

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Quickmart Supermarket 

Quickmart is one of the fastest-growing supermarket chains in Kenya and has 30 branches in Nairobi. They're running one of the biggest Black Friday deals offering up to 60% deals on selected items. Whether you are looking to save money on your detergents or new TV, Quickmart is offering massive discounts across all their branches.

Check their social media pages and website to keep up with the discounts as they get announced.

Naivas Supermarket 

Naivas is the leading supermarket chain in Kenya, with over 80 stores nationwide. It is no brainer that they'll be looking to entice customers with massive discounts over the holiday period. As expected, Naivas kicked off their season's deals with the "Kikombe Kikwetu" promotion. 

They're not only promising unbeatable discounts, but they have also partnered with leading brands to reward shoppers. Customers can win everything from shopping vouchers and goats to TVs. Additionally, you can get discounts when you shop using your Visa card. 

Naivas offers are available both in their stores and online on the website.

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House of Leather (for gifts)

One of the biggest traditions of the holidays is gifting loved ones, and one of the biggest gift shops in Kenya– House of Leather – is running a Black November sale with selected products getting discounts of up to 50%. The Gift Shop chain has been operating for over 25 years and has seven branches, all located in Nairobi. They recently opened an online store giving Kenyans from every corner of the country the opportunity to shop from them.

Some of the gift products House of Leather stocks include toys, vases & flowers, frames & paintings, decoration items, party items, and leather items. 

Jumia Kenya

The eCommerce giant kicked off its 7th Jumia Black November event on 4th November, promising consumers massive discounts and freebies. They’ve partnered with premium brands to give their customers great deals and with small local businesses to reach more customers. 

Banks, including Standard Chartered, I&M, and ABSA, have also teamed up with Jumia to give incentives through card payments on Black Friday. The biggest discount will be on some products, including a 14-seater matatu, fridges, TVs, Unga, Cooking Oil, water dispensers, boxers, and shoes that will be selling for Ksh100. Customers will additionally receive a 20% discount for payments made with Mastercard cards. 


Kilimall is one of the most popular eCommerce sites in Kenya after Jumia, and they're offering massive deals throughout the holiday season with their "Kila Kitu, Bei Fiti" campaign. Select items will sell up to 80% off, and you can get choose phones and other electronics for up to 30%.

Kilimall will also run flash sales every two hours on limited products where you can score the biggest discounts. Ensure your Internet is fast and your fingers faster if you want to beat the competition during these flash sales.

Hotpoint Appliances

Hotpoint Appliances is one of Kenya’s largest retailers and wholesalers of consumer electronics, from phones & tablets, TV & audio, kitchen appliances, washers & dryers, and much more. Throughout the month, they'll be running their "Hotpoint Black November" sale, where products from the best global brands will be available at great deals. 

You can take advantage of their offers by buying directly from their website or visiting their retail outlets in Nairobi, Mombasa, and Eldoret.

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Ramtons Kenya

Ramtons brands specialise in selling home and kitchen appliances like fridges & freezers, cookers, cooling & heating equipment, and much more. If you are gearing up to get your home ready for the festive season, you should check out their Black Friday deals on their website, which promise unbelievable prices. 

Additionally, Ramtons also sells its products through the Jumia marketplace. Check out their store there; you might find even better deals.

Copia Kenya

Copia is a platform that lets you shop online and will deliver it upcountry for free on your behalf. If you are planning to send festive shopping upcountry, you should check out the Black Friday offers this brand is offering. They stock everything from fashion, foodstuffs, and household items, to beauty and health products.

During this period, the platform will also be running treasure hunts. If you are the first person to identify hidden items on their platform, you can get them for 99% off and save up to Ksh25,000. These treasure hunts will be announced on their social media pages, so make sure you are following them and happy hunting!


MYDAWA is an online pharmacy that sells prescription and over-the-counter medication and other wellness products. They are running a Black November sale cutely tagged "Pink Friday Sale," in which shoppers can enjoy discounts on all products listed on the store's site. 

MYDAWA will also be running a treasure hunt, so you check their socials to know when they are happening. In the first treasure hunt, a customer won 1-year health coverage insurance. Lucky customers can also get 100% cashback on their prescription orders. 

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How to Protect Yourself When Shopping Online

Online eCommerce scams have been rising in Kenya, and people fall for these scams every day. To ensure you don't fall victim, ensure that:

  1. Verify you are Buying from official Sources: Scammers will often create fake websites and social media pages to impersonate online shops. Always check for a Blue verification badge on social media and double-check the website URL you are shopping from. This can not only con you money but they can still your financial and personal information.
  1. Select the “Pay on Delivery” Option: Most major retailers, including the ones mentioned in this article, offer pay on delivery option. This will allow you to confirm the quality of a product before paying for it; is it original or counterfeit? This option will also help you avoid losing money as some fake retailers fail to deliver after you make payments in advance.
  1. Look out for Fake Giveaways: Is the deal too good to be true? Black Friday deals are always unbelievable, so con artists and scammers usually use this opportunity to dupe unsuspecting shoppers. They often use Instagram and Facebook ads to fool you and ask you to pay a deposit to book a product and complete payment on delivery. Beware of such tricks; falling for them will cause you financial loss.
  1. Read the terms and Conditions: Some Black Friday deals will have hidden rules. For example, some supermarket deals are only reserved for customers with loyalty cards. Before you start the purchasing process, read the term and conditions to avoid inconveniencing yourself.
  1. Read product Descriptions and Reviews: What do previous buyers think about the product? Online shops will try to use the festive seasons to clear the dead stocks, which can be of low quality. Reading the reviews can give you a clue about the functionality and quality of a product. At the same time, be on the lookout for fake reviews. 
  1. Don’t Give too Much Personal Data: When shopping online, be careful with the amount of data you share with the seller and complete purchases as a guest rather than creating an account. Most eCommerce sites will give you this option.

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This article covered only the biggest deals you can find during this festive season. But many brands, including small and medium services, will offer deals throughout this period. Check out your favourite online and offline stores to ensure you get all the discounts. 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are also global events which means you can shop internationally on sites like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc., and ship your products to Kenya. So compare prices from different platforms to ensure you get the best deal possible. 

Finally, before you go on a spending spree, create a budget that will help you not waste money on nonsensical stuff that you'll regret later.

Happy shopping!

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