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10 Most Marketable Short Courses in Kenya For 2023
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10 Most Marketable Short Courses in Kenya For 2023

The cliché phrase that knowledge is power has been around for centuries but continues to apply in the modern job market. 

Whether you just completed your high school education or you have been in employment and looking for job promotions, picking the right course that will impact a highly valuable skill is paramount.

The job market relies on the forces of demand and supply, skills and knowledge in high demand, and limited supply - attract high pay - while those that have become redundant receive poor pay or face layoffs. 

Money254 lists 10 short courses expected to be in high demand in 2023. These are courses that apply to everyone - regardless of whether you are a new entrant in the job market - or you have a different career and would like to enhance your skill. 


Programming courses are critical because they impact you with a skill that is in high demand - and is anticipated to be the future of the digital economy. Programming involves inputting codes that a computer understands and performs a certain function.

Globally and across all professional fields, programmers are in high demand as the world relies on more automated and digitized systems. 

Programming does not require you to have studied computer science, anyone can learn to code and become a programmer. There are multiple free online courses for beginners - which typically last about one month. The most popular programming languages include Java and Python.  

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a skill that is in high demand as organizations seek to sell and market their products on digital platforms. 

More people in Kenya and around the world are getting their news, training, socialization, and even shopping online. This course helps you understand the basics of digital marketing including social media marketing, online advertising, Google Adwords, and how different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Tiktok use different algorithms in pushing out content. 

This course is not only beneficial to those who studied marketing and practiced it as a career - but applies to all professionals operating in the digital economy. Having these basics can give you an edge at work and even individually as you seek to pursue entrepreneurship. 

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a skill that allows web content to be easily available on search engine searches - such as Google. SEO is an important skill for publishers, marketers, and web developers - but it also applies across the board. 

For example, a teacher may decide to have a side hustle putting out learning material on their blog - having an understanding of SEO helps in the success of the website by making it more visible on search engines - and attracting more visitors. 

The same applies to doctors, e-commerce entrepreneurs, lawyers, and anyone using the internet in their professional work. 

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Project Management

Project management is a broad course that applies to different professions. Kenya, and other global economies, have a high demand for project managers because they have the skills to ensure end-to-end project implementation. 

Project managers typically facilitate various talents and resources in a company - to work together to achieve the shared mission. 

For example, a hospital will have doctors, nurses, finance, and human resource departments - all working to improve healthcare for patients. However, doctors may not understand financial decisions such as costs, while finance may not understand the necessity of certain medical interventions proposed by doctors. 

A project manager has a decent understanding of all these departments and facilitates their collaboration for the purpose of achieving the bigger goal. Project managers typically have a specialization - and can work in academia, construction, healthcare, IT, etc. 

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Accounting is an age-old profession that plays a critical role in the modern economy. Accountants typically prepare and keep track of financial records. 

Established accountants play other complicated roles, such as auditing, and management consultancy, among others. However, having a basic understanding of accounting is an essential skill for all - regardless of whether you practice accountancy at a professional level.

With a good understanding of accounting, you can operate your own business by doing bookkeeping and tax compliance without the help of a hired professional. You can also file your own taxes and those of your relatives and friends - for a fee. If you are an IT professional, you could use your accounting skills to develop software that automates routine tasks such as reconciliation. 

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The beauty industry in Kenya is estimated to be worth Ksh100 billion. Kenyans of all walks of life spend a significant portion of their earnings on looking good - and part of a good look is making the hair look great. 

Hairdressers help their clients improve their hair's look, style, or health. This profession is particularly suitable for people who are creative, personable, and passionate about beauty. 

What is more? There are low entrance levels in this career. A certificate course in hairdressing typically lasts six months. It is a hands-on course and an online course may not be very efficient for these professionals.

Once you have received training, you can work as an in-home hairdresser, which is one of the businesses that require zero cash capital - or you could be employed in an established salon or barbershop. 

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Nutrition and Dietetics

The prevalence of lifestyle diseases has pushed the world to become increasingly conscious about dieting. Every day in nearly every part of the globe, people search for the best way to maintain a healthy weight. 

Institutions such as schools, sports clubs, hotels, and hospitals, are spending a lot of money to ensure the food fed to patients, guests, and patients has the right nutrients. 

Individuals, particularly those in the middle and upper classes, are spending a share of their earnings on learning and accessing the best food regimes. 

An understanding of nutrition and dietetics is beneficial at a personal level but is also marketable as food manufacturers equally move to align with the global consciousness about healthy foods. 

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Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Kenya is currently experiencing a construction boom - as developers seek to meet the high demand for housing. 

However, every construction project required an environmental impact assessment report prepared by a trained officer - and submitted to the National Environment Management Authority of Kenya (NEMA) for approval. 

A certificate course in EIA takes 3 months, while a diploma typically takes one year. The course is particularly useful for professionals in the building and construction industry - which can help them become more marketable by increasing their professional reach - but it can also be studied independently as a full-time career. 

Web Design and Development

As more people move towards the internet, there is a great demand for web development skills. Web designers and web developers build user-friendly websites that have aesthetic beauty and are responsive. 

Web development courses are easily available on the internet for free - basic training courses typically last for two weeks - although there are levels of advancement that can take up to two years. 

Once you have the skill and the certification, you can work independently building websites for individuals and organizations - or you could be employed as an in-house web developer. 

This skill applies to everyone interested in the internet, regardless of their academic qualifications or training. 

Interior Design

The growing housing market has created demand for professionals who help design creative, artistic and functional living spaces. 

This course is particularly applicable to people who are passionate about physical art. Hotels, Airbnb operators, event managers, and even private homeowners are willing to pay hundreds of thousands- sometimes even millions of shillings - to have beautiful designs. 

A short course in interior design takes 3-6 months - while specialization typically requires a four-year bachelor’s degree. 

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