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Top Marketable Courses For Students Who Scored Cs in 2022 KCSE
Top Marketable Courses For Students Who Scored Cs in 2022 KCSE
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Top Marketable Courses For Students Who Scored Cs in 2022 KCSE

Sheila Brenda Andoi
April 28, 2022

Many students lack the basic knowledge required to choose a career route after high school prior to enrolling in a university or college or technical Institution. One of the main concerns is that many of them are unfamiliar with the courses offered by institutions of higher learning. 

Additionally, many students are unaware that obtaining the cut-off points for admission to a college or university does not mean that you are qualified to pursue all of the courses that such institutions offer. There is a limit, which is determined by your average score as well as the KCSE subjects that you took.

In 2021/2022 over 800,000 students sat their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination (KCSE) exams. The KCSE examination results were ultimately announced last week by the Cabinet Secretary for Education, George  Magoha. 1,138 students achieved an A in the exams, and 6,420  students got an A- (minus). More than 145,000 scored above C+ (plus) while over 325,000 attained a C- (minus) and less. 

The trouble emerges during course selection when students are given a long list of options from which to select only a few without proper knowledge and prior information of what's in it for them.

C, C-, or C+ may not be able to land you one of Kenya's best higher education institutions, but all hope is not lost. Are there good courses for C students? The answer is YES!  Jump on, let's see some of the marketable courses you can do with a C+, C, or C- and their specific requirements.

C+ Marketable Courses in Kenya

Good and marketable C+ courses are available in Kenya. Some interesting C+ aggregate programs are applicable to today's workplace. Due to the several job openings in these industries, they are marketable. The top courses available with a C+ are given below.

Bachelor of Commerce

This is one of the most popular courses among C+ students. Taking chances and acquiring experience in this field gives one an advantage in today's business world. This course, however, has proven to be effective when combined with its related programs, like CPA, ACCA, CFA, and CIFA.

Requirements for this Course

  • A mean grade of C+ (Plus) in KCSE
  • C (Plain) in English and Mathematics

Bachelor of Arts in Community Development

Many Nonprofits, like World Vision, are currently in need of people with expertise in the field of community development particularly because most of them engage with people and communities and need people who understand society's issues and challenges. 

Requirements for this Course

  • A mean grade of C+ (Plus) in KCSE
  • C (Plain)  in Mathematics 

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

The course bears a combination of human and social knowledge that is necessary for forming mindsets, people management, and formulating policy decisions. Experts in this field can handle concerns such as human rights, ethics, marriages, tribalism, nepotism, child labour, and joblessness. As a matter of fact, this course is vital in today's world.

Requirements for this Course

  • A mean grade of C+ (Plus) in KCSE

Bachelor of Education 

It is one of the most popular professions, not just in Kenya, But around the globe. 

Teachers will always be in demand due to the ever-growing need for education and schooling. With the right subject combination, you can teach in both public and private institutions.

Requirements for this Course

  • A mean grade of C+ (Plus) in KCSE

Diploma in Architecture

Another C+ (Plus) course that you should not ignore is architecture. Kenya is currently one of the massively growing countries in terms of infrastructure hence the need for architects. 

The good thing is that you don't need to be employed for you to thrive in this field. You can be a freelancer or start your own company and be contracting for work.

Requirements for this Course

  • C+ (Plus) in Mathematics
  • C+ (Plus) in Physics
  • C+ (Plus) in any Group III subjects (either CRE/IRE/HRE, Geography, History)

C (Plain) Marketable Courses in Kenya

The top courses available with a C (Plain) are given below.

Diploma in Hospitality Management

Hospitality Management is one of the ideal courses to pursue with a C plain. With a degree or diploma in this course, you'll gain the administrative and educational abilities required to run high-end hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality-related enterprises. People with a lot of expertise in this industry earn good money on a monthly basis.

Requirements for this Course

  • C- (Minus) in any two subjects in the following categories. Category A (Biology, English/Kiswahili, and Chemistry.) Category B (Home Science, Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and English/Kiswahili.)

Diploma in Software Engineering

Today's world is a global village thanks to technological advancements.  Pursuing a diploma in this program would be one of the best options due to its high demand.

Most companies are moving to the online space and they require software and system enhancements on a regular basis to optimise their performance. If you develop expertise and excellent skills in this career, you can land a job at some of the big companies like Safaricom, Google, and Facebook.

Requirements for this Course

  • D (Plain) in Mathematics
  • D- (Minus) in English or Kiswahili

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Diploma in Health and Nutrition 

If you have a passion for medical and healthcare courses, this is one of the great programs you can do with a C. This diploma is available from a number of private and public universities in Kenya.

If you choose to study Nutrition and Healthcare, you will be equipped with knowledge and skills about public health and nutrition. As a result, you will be able to educate society on medical conditions as well as offer culinary guidance. 

Requirements for this Course:

  • A mean grade of C (Plain) in KCSE
  • C (Plain) in any two subjects in the following categories: Category A (Home science, biology, chemistry, and agriculture). Category B (Home science, geography, biology, physics, and agriculture)

Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

This is also another field that is popular and marketable due to the high demand for power and electronic technology. Professionals in this field can work for companies such as KPLC, Bamburi Cement, and KenGen. 

Requirements for this Course:

  • C (plain) in Mathematics and Physics

Diploma in Pharmacy

With a diploma in this course, you can work in big pharmacies around the country or beyond and earn yourself a decent income at the end of every month. 

Requirements for this Course:

  • C (Plain) in English, Biology, Physics, and Kiswahili.

C- (Minus) Marketable Courses in Kenya

Candidates who obtain a C- in their KCSE can enrol in one of the institutes that provide diploma or certificate programs. This grade will allow you to enrol in one of the following high-paying diploma programs.

Diploma in Human Resource Management

This profession is exceedingly competitive in today's corporate institutional arrangements. Human resource experts play an important role in the decision-making process of a corporation. 

Requirements for this Course:

  • A mean grade of C- (Minus) in KCSE

Diploma in Tourism Management

According to statistics, Kenya is one of the most loved tourism destinations in Africa. If you're interested in tourism you can enrol in this course and delve deeper into it, ultimately reaching your goals.

With a diploma in this course, You will be able to work in Kenya's tourism sector or even internationally when you get more skills in tourism management.  

Requirements for this Course

  • C (Plain) in Biology, Business/Computer, History/Geography, Biological Sciences, and English/Foreign languages.
  • C- (Minus) in Mathematics

Diploma in Web and Graphic Design

This is one of the most sought-after skills in today's digital market. Many companies are constantly looking for great web developers to assist them in improving and maintaining their web applications and IT departments. 

Requirements for this Course:

  • A mean grade of  C- (Minus) in KCSE)
  • Must have studied Computer studies
  • A mean grade of C- in Kiswahili and English or any other 2 subjects

Diploma in Finance and Accounting

The accounting profession has been expanding throughout and professionals like accountants and financial experts have always been in demand. It is also a popular course in today's job market. 

Requirements for this Course:

  • D- (Minus) in Mathematics
  • D- (Minus) in Kiswahili and English

Diploma in Sales and Marketing

From knowing your audience to managing social media channels to adverts and to implementation, sales and marketing have to be one of the top careers in Kenya. With a chance to earn extra money through commissions and bonuses when you achieve your targets, this is an industry you can grow and advance.

Requirements for this Course:

  • D+ (Plus) in English
  • D+ in Mathematics/Economics/Business/Commerce


They say education is the key and that’s correct. However, having papers and good grades only no longer guarantees employment. So while you select the course you’d want to pursue, remember to also develop great skills as well.

With the right skills and expertise, you can acquire a job regardless of your papers. As you study, hone your skills and capabilities too.

Congratulations for getting this far and all the best!

Sheila Brenda Andoi is a communicator, journalist, editor, and writer passionate about human-interest stories. You can find her on Twitter @sheilaandoi

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