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Full-time Employed? 10 Simple Ideas to Make Money on Weekends 
Full-time Employed? 10 Simple Ideas to Make Money on Weekends 
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Full-time Employed? 10 Simple Ideas to Make Money on Weekends 

Ian Job
October 3, 2022

Wouldn’t it be nice to boost your income besides your regular job with weekend gigs? You might not have huge responsibilities in your 20s or 30s. Yet you still need to make money for some of your current and future financial goals.  And as most working Kenyans will tell you, a salary, even when it is guaranteed every end-month, is just never enough. 

It could be returning-to-school funds or creating a retirement fund. If you have a HELB loan, an additional source of income can help you settle the debt. But then again, any financial goal that your day job cannot comfortably and sustainably fund can be why you take on a money-making task on your free weekend.  

As the name suggests, these are strictly weekend side jobs that do not interfere with your normal work schedule. Instead of relaxing, you can use the free days and hours to make money. Some of the simple yet rewarding weekend hustles for that extra dime include: 

1. Shopping and Delivery Errands 

Running errands is a fun and simple weekend job to bring in that extra income. It involves many things, such as shopping or doing stuff for others for some pay. Common errand services include  Package/parcel pick up and delivery and general shopping and grocery deliveries.  

To hack your delivery weekend job:

  • Have time management skills that help optimize your limited hours to make a bit of money. 
  • A to-do list helps prioritise which delivery tasks you can handle on a given weekend, 
  • Not every errand is worth your time and effort, so handle only those you feel are valuable. 
  • A marketing plan to sell your services to potential clients who see its value. 

2. Tutoring 

One of the ways to turn your teaching skills into cash is to tutor school kids over the weekend. Are there school-going kids within your estate or location? You can charge a fee to teach subjects in which they are weak. 

Weekends are also busy for most parents. Some would be glad to have someone have their kids for a few hours as they run personal errands. The age of the children matters. Younger kids need more delicate handling, meaning you might have to charge a bit more than if you were to teach older kids. Here is how you can set your rates:

  • Charge according to age. 
  • Discussion on rate per hour.
  • The more subjects you teach, the more pay you earn.  

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3. Virtual Assistance 

Some virtual assistant jobs are simple enough to handle over the weekend for that additional income. Easy tasks like filtering emails and calendar management can help keep your weekend busy as you rake in money.

Extremely busy executives occasionally look for someone who can help schedule appointments with clients or make a follow-up with clients. 

Virtual assistant jobs are diverse, but most of them aren't time-consuming. You can easily do file management or database building without compromising your day job. To succeed:

  • You have to manage your time well.
  • A proper schedule can help you accomplish various tasks for even more pay.
  • Pay attention to detail and provide quality work to retain your weekend clients.

4. Marketing Specialist Gigs

A weekend job is all you need to turn your marketing skills into cash and remove the pressure from your regular paycheck. Marketing gigs such as social media advertising, paid influencer marketing and affiliate marketing can be fun and financially rewarding.

While at it, be careful how and to whom you pitch your weekend job. Suppose you work for a marketing company. It would upset your current employer if you provided weekend services for a competitor company. 

It is prudent to work within your company rules and guidelines while looking for any weekend gig to avoid complicity or conflicting interests. 

5. Insurance Sales Agent 

Why is an insurance sales agency the perfect weekend job to earn money? Selling insurance, unlike other jobs, depends on your ability to find clients on behalf of an insurance company. It doesn't rely on spending hours on a task. The best way to hack it is to generate leads for more clients. 

The advantage of selling insurance is that it's scalable. Almost everyone needs one or more insurance types in their lives. 

If you are starting, the trick would be to rope in the closest people you know. It can be family and friends who can then act as referrals. 

You can also choose a niche in the industry and focus solely on it. Whether it is health, education, or motor insurance, you will learn more about it and know exactly where to look for clients.

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 6. Real Estate Agent 

A real estate agency fits in well as a weekend job because of clients' availability. Many people looking for the property have ample time to view it over the weekend, which would also be convenient for you. 

The trick is setting flexible hours to meet people with diverse schedules. For instance, be available if someone travels a long distance to view a property. 

Even those with busy schedules, including meetings, church, or family occasions, might still want to view a plot of land or building. You have to factor in conflicting schedules to meet your client's needs. 

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7. Data Entry 

A flexible way to earn money on the weekend is by doing data entry. Typical data entry tasks do not require specialised skills or experience. Some of the common assignments an employer might assign you include: 

  • Sorting through documents for data entry. 
  • Compiling information and inputting it into a company's database
  • Reviewing the data for errors.
  • Responding to information requests from authorised staff within an organisation. 

Data entry will be your perfect weekend gig if you have time management and multitasking skills. Since you might be required to check for deficiencies in a document, accuracy, and attention to detail are what you need most to deliver. 

8. Brand Ambassador 

Are you a friendly, warm person with savvy marketing skills? A weekend engagement as a brand ambassador can help generate the extra income you need.

Most brand ambassadors work in a group setting and big events such as music festivals, agricultural/ trade shows, concerts, or sports. 

Brand ambassador events are unique to each event. However, typical tasks you might handle include:

  • Providing free samples of a product to consumers.
  • Enabling potential clients to test products/ services.
  • Wearing branded uniforms to create brand awareness and identity.  

9. Rideshare Driver 

The flexibility aspect of rideshare services, such as Uber, can be an option for anyone looking to make an extra income during the weekends. For one, you do not have a fixed schedule that ties you down. You can only pick up clients for trips when you are free. 

Since you are paid for each trip you offer, you have to vigorously pick trips to take in a tidy sum. For example:

  • Choose rush hour to maximise your earnings.
  • Excellent customer support ensures you gain a loyal clientele.
  • Set priorities and optimise the time you have got to earn money. 
  • Get the latest directions app to never waste time along routes.
  • If you do not have a personal car, you can rent one for a start although it is easiest when the car is yours. 

10. Monetize Your Hobby

Do you have a natural or an acquired talent just lying around? That immaculate cooking, crafting, or writing skills can earn you money during weekends. If you are a talented baker, advertise your trade and supply to willing clients on 

Saturday or Sunday. Offer to cook for families and occasions for pay. Also, create a social media page, create content and advertise your trade for weekends.  

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Wrapping Up

Taking advantage of evening or weekend gigs can be a good idea if you are still in your vibrant 20s or 30s with a full-time job. The businesses mentioned above can be an excellent start. But you can also research easy tasks that do not expend too much time and energy to make extra money.

Ian Job is an articulate writer with over four years of experience in SEO writing, digital marketing and screenwriting. Away from writing, he's probably producing an indie movie if you don't find him mentoring upcoming content writers. You can connect with him on Medium.

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