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How People Are Making Money in the T-shirt Printing Business
How People Are Making Money in the T-shirt Printing Business
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How People Are Making Money in the T-shirt Printing Business

Ian Job
September 1, 2022

Like the good old jeans, t-shirts rarely go out of style. Forget about the boring t-shirts you see everyone wearing on the street. Custom-made t-shirts with a solid and exciting brand are the key to infiltrating this high-competition business. 

It's about identifying a winning design, accompanied by an active, aggressive go-getter mind that could see you tilt the scales. 

Proper market research will define your actual audience, directing you to the right platforms and locations. Then promote your business for brand visibility and to keep orders coming. Here are some of the ways people make money in the t-shirt printing business;

1. Taking Advantage of a Trend to Print and Sell T-Shirts

Kenyans love moving with the times, and the current hottest trends can make a significant impact if you want to make it in the t-shirt printing business. 

In this case, make social media your buddy. Check the topics, people, and circumstances that are trending and can help you label your t-shirts and penetrate the market. 

Twitter and Instagram streets are the perfect places to know what is in style. It might be about art, culture, celebrity, food, politics, music, or health and fitness. It could be a soccer league or the latest car that trends. You can create a theme for any of them to design something that appeals to people and make sales.

2. Outreach and Partnering with Celebrities/ Influencers

Influencer marketing is also among the latest and most effective ways to sell your product. You are ten times more likely to sell your t-shirts with an influencer than if you were to use conventional marketing strategies. 

Celebrities often have a cult-like following in which their word is the law. Young people, the biggest t-shirt buyers, look to YouTube vloggers or Instagram influencers as their role models, taking each word and advice for what it is. 

Besides the youth, many adults would listen to an influencer's recommendation for shopping rather than a boring advert. 

Of course, it might initially be challenging to identify the right individual for your cause. But for a start, do some research, and create a list of influencers who identify with your industry. Then narrow down to one with massive stats and a favorable buyer persona.

Some influencers can reasonably do with gifts to bring your product to the masses or a payment amount that you both agree on. But first, establish rapport with them. You could also feature them on your social media pages to increase traffic and sales.

3. Capitalizing on the Demand in Schools and Colleges

Other than school uniforms, what other clothing would be broadly popular and accepted at schools and colleges? It is a t-shirt in high demand due to numerous school activities throughout the school year.

Think of school music events, drama festivals, and sports activities. Even a regular weekend at high school or college has students donning colorful t-shirts. There are various reasons why t-shirts are hot cakes in learning institutions:

  • They are relatively affordable: T-shirts are some of the most affordable clothing items that students can easily purchase.
  • T-shirts provide identity: custom-made t-shirts, like the regular school uniform, make learners locatable in huge crowds, especially during school events. They can also help distinguish one performing team from the other.

In general, educational institutions might be a terrific selling point for your t-shirts if you market yourself in schools to gain that tender and are familiar with the school calendar. Inquire, for example, about the actual t-shirt requirements of the institution for which you wish to design. Use the most appropriate material for the school logo, motto, and color suggestions. With thousands of schools at your disposal, you will never be out of work.

4. Promoting T-Shirts on Social Media

Social media is one of the most popular platforms for making rapid sales of almost anything. T-shirts are popular among people of all ages. However, you will not simply open a page and begin selling immediately.

Create a solid strategy that specifies your business objectives and identifies qualified buyers. Create a budget before engaging your audience regarding your t-shirt printing business so that you do not waste money on social media promotion posts randomly without getting a return on your investment.

Here’s how you can go about it;

  • Create a budget that will yield positive marketing results.
  • Choose an appropriate social media platform for selling your products.
  • Make a social media publishing plan that allows you to show off photographic and video evidence of your outstanding designs.
  • Determine the best times to post content when you know your audience is fully engaged on the platforms.
  • Use the analytics feature to check how many people are engaging with your products.

Analytics can help you increase your advertising efforts, and know where you need to improve in order to make more sales.

5. Securing Selling Space at Local Festivals and Events

Another fantastic way to make money in the t-shirt printing business is by selling at suitable events and festivals. How do you decide if an event is fit for your selling endeavors?

  • Know the event's theme and whether the people attending are your niche market. 
  • Before you join up as a vendor, get further information from the event organizers. For example, you will learn whether it is appropriate to sell or not. Read the fine print to ensure that all expectations are met.
  • Also, why not network with previous vendors to learn about their experiences? If they are forthcoming with information, you can learn what works and what doesn't and arrive at the site properly prepared.
  • Provide value once you've secured your spot. You are selling, but you are also making a key sales pitch for future invitations. Use a professional logo and colors for your business.
  • Complement this with appropriate messages and outstanding customer service. People will remember their initial selling encounter. So you should give it your all while also making money.

6. Establish an Online T-shirt Selling Store

All of the methods and strategies are required to take your t-shirt printing business to higher heights. Setting up your e-commerce store is one of the most long-lasting.

After all, your audience may want somewhere to buy besides your social media page, wouldn't they? An online store requires a few particulars, including a domain name and a vibrant website. 

Remember, business is now global, and even though you may insist on a physical address, an e-commerce store helps you connect and sell to people everywhere.

7. Stock with Local Shops and Malls

Even when you have your online or physical selling points, you can still stock some of the products in the local shops and clothes stores. Even open-air selling points can be excellent for displaying your designs.


Sound and diverse methods are essential for breaking into the t-shirt printing industry. The key is to reach out to your target audience. They could be standing right next to you on the estate. They could be on social media, or at an event.  So, create a terrific t-shirt, conduct extensive market research, and start making money from them.

All the best!

Ian Job is an articulate writer with over four years of experience in SEO writing, digital marketing and screenwriting. Away from writing, he's probably producing an indie movie if you don't find him mentoring upcoming content writers. You can connect with him on Medium.

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