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REVEALED: Degree Courses that no KCSE 2022 Student Wants
REVEALED: Degree Courses that no KCSE 2022 Student Wants
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REVEALED: Degree Courses that no KCSE 2022 Student Wants

Money254 Team
August 21, 2023

As 2022 KCSE students who scored C+ and above gear up to start their first year of university education, it has emerged that several degree courses on offer attracted just ten or less students.

An analysis of placements on the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) data published by The Standard shows that a staggering 104 academic programmes offered by Kenyan universities only attracted a maximum of 10 students each.

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This comes after it was revealed late last month that a significant number of students from the 2022 cohort who qualified for degree courses elected to be placed in TVET institutions.

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Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu on July 31, disclosed that 9,673 KCSE 2022 candidates chose to pursue TVET courses despite scoring C+ and above, the minimum grade required to qualify for a degree programme in Kenya. 

Degree Programmes that Attracted Only One Student

According to the analysis, for degree programmes in the following areas of study, only one student was placed:

  • Food Security
  • Horticulture
  • Soil Science
  • Forestry
  • Dryland Agriculture
  • Biological Sciences
  • Geophysics and Mineralogy
  • Aquaculture and Fisheries Technology
  • Environmental Chemistry.
  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
  • Bachelor of Science Networks and Communication Systems
  • Bachelor of Industrial Technology
  • Water Resource and Environmental Management
  • Environmental Resource Management
  • Library and Knowledge Management
  • Bachelor of Arts Chaplaincy

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Degree Programmes that Attracted Less than 10 Students

  • Bachelor of Science in Climate Change and Sustainable Development - 7 students
  • Bachelor of Science Fisheries and Aquaculture Programme - 8 students
  • For Bachelor of Arts in Counselling - 5 students
  • Theology - 7 students
  • Bachelor of ScienceZoology - 2 students
  • Geology - 7 students
  • Instrumentation and Control Engineering - 7 students
  • BA in Leadership and Management - 5 students
  • BA in Biblical Studies - 3 students
  • BA Sociology and Technology - 4 students

Surprisingly, even the Bachelor of Engineering (Manufacturing, Industrial and Textile Engineering) only managed to attract 16 students. 

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Degrees Programmes Popular With 2022 KCSE Candidates

  • Bachelor of Education was the most popular degree programme with nearly 30,000 students placed across various universities. 
  • Bachelor of Arts - 5,567 students
  • Bachelor of Commerce - 4,367 students
  • Computer Science - 2,912 students
  • Bachelor of Science Agricultural Education and Extension - 1,657 students
  • Human Resource Management -1,638 students
  • Bachelor of Science IT - 1,459 students
  • Criminology and Security Studies - 1,395 students
  • Bachelor of Laws - 1,200 students
  • Political Science and Public Administration - 1,081 students

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2022 KUCCPS Placement in Numbers

Below is a breakdown of the placement results released by the Education CS on July 31:

Total Capacity: The Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA) and Commission for University Education (CUE), in the 2023/2024 placement cycle indicated there were a total of 768,624 capacities for placement of students in the 69 universities, 210 TVET institutions and 3 Secondary Teacher Training Colleges. 

Candidates in 2022 KCSE: A total of 881,416 candidates sat for the 2022 KCSE examinations.

Candidates Eligible for Placement: A total of 870,561 students out of the 881,416 who sat for the KCSE 2022 examination were eligible for placement in universities and colleges. This represents 98.8% of all the candidates who sat for the examination that year.

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Candidates who Applied for Placement: Despite 98.8% of the candidates being eligible for placement, only 285,698 or 32.8% of the candidates applied to be placed by KUCCPS in various institutions. A total of 584,863 students, or about two-thirds of the eligible students were not placed to any institution. 

Placement Shortfall: From a capacity of 768,624 in Kenya’s post-secondary institutions, a whooping 62.8% or some 482,926 of the available slots in various institutions across the country were not taken up by 2022 KCSE candidates. 

Placement in Degree Programmes: A total of 140,107 students were placed in degree programmes. Some 130,485 candidates were placed to public universities and 9,622 to private universities. This represents 80.9% of the 173,244 students who qualified for degree programmes. 

A total of 144,500 applicants have been placed in TVET institutions.

560 applicants have been placed to Secondary Teacher Training Colleges. 

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