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Top Courses for 2023 KCSE Finalists Interested in Sciences 
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Top Courses for 2023 KCSE Finalists Interested in Sciences 

Are you the kind of person that has always been drawn to science? Do you have the desire to pursue science after high school but need help figuring out where to start? With a million and one courses out here, one might need help figuring out where to start or how to narrow down the list.  

Here are some things you could consider when choosing a science course:

1. Choose Between  Soft and Hard Sciences

Science can be divided into two types namely, hard and soft sciences. They could also be classified as natural and social sciences respectively. Hard science studies the natural world whereas soft science studies various aspects of human behaviour. Hard sciences include physics, biology, and chemistry and soft sciences are areas like economics, sociology and political science. 

When deciding what course you want to pursue, consider asking yourself what you are genuinely interested in. If you are interested in how physical things like the world, life, machines and chemical processes work then you might be interested in hard/natural science. If you are studying human behaviour whether it’s individually like psychology or collectively like political science then you might be leaning more toward a social science.

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2. Narrow Down Your Subject List

Once you have made your decision on what you would like to study, be it a natural or social science, consider narrowing down your list of options. For instance, if you decide to study a natural science, you could consider asking yourself questions like:

  •  Do you want to make things, study things or both? 
  • Are you interested in studying nature and how it works?
  • Or would you rather learn about machines? 

 If you are interested in making things then consider a branch of engineering. If you would rather study new phenomena then consider things like biology or physics. Concerning social sciences, you could consider asking yourself questions like, are you interested in the study of individual or collective human behaviour? If you are interested in individual human behaviour then a good course to consider is psychology. Regarding collective human behaviour you could consider studying how people manage political and economic matters or perhaps cultural affairs.

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3. Think of Career Prospects

Before making a decision, one must consider asking themselves the question, why this course? Some of the reasons could be the salary, the area of study or where you would be working. For example, a marine biologist might spend a lot of their time near or in the ocean. An economist might spend a good amount of time indoors and work with computers to process data and other functions. 

4. Consider a Broad or Specialist Degree

The last thing before making your decision is to decide whether you want to study a broad or specialist subject. If you are still not sure of what you would like to specialise in then consider a broad subject option. This could be anything from physics, chemistry or political economy as they cover many areas of study and specialisations. However, if you are certain about a specific subject or career path then you could consider making a specialist choice.  This could be anything from data science to microbiology.

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Now that you have narrowed down your list, here are the top 5 picks for 2023 KCSE finalists interested in sciences.

1. Medicine

Becoming a medical professional is a dream for many. Not only is it a high-paying field, but it also provides individuals with an opportunity to work in a truly noble profession that is dedicated to helping others. A career in medicine is very appealing for various reasons: 

  • It is a respected profession
  • You have the option to specialise and there are also opportunities for you to get involved in teaching, research and management.
  • No day is ever the same
  • Doctors will always be in demand 

That being said, becoming a doctor takes a lot of hard work and dedication. The road to becoming a doctor is a long one that requires years of study, countless tests, and a significant financial commitment. 

2. Pharmacy

Another healthcare course to consider is Pharmacy. A pharmacist’s role revolves around providing patients with prescriptions, conducting health screenings, administering immunizations and offering advice on the safe use of medicine. Like medicine, a career in pharmacy is also highly respected and appealing to many because:

  • The work of pharmacists is flexible. Pharmacists have the option of working either full- or part-time, in one place, or by "floating" to several locations.
  • Pharmacists will always be necessary. There will never be a time when taking medicine won't be necessary or required.  People become sick and need medical attention for their conditions. For pharmacists, this is good because it guarantees that they will always be needed to some degree.
  • . As a pharmacist your job options are not limited to the corners of a hospital, you can work in: 
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Research labs
  • Corporate and private businesses
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Senior and long-term care facilities
  • Patient care facilities
  • Universities and other types of academia
  • You can even become your own boss by opening your own pharmacy.

3. Engineering

Engineering can be a great career choice for you if you want to work in an area where your efforts impact society. Many engineers contribute significantly to technological advancements and improve people's quality of life on a local and worldwide scale. For example, an engineer who is concerned about slowing climate change would try to develop alternative forms of harvesting energy that are more efficient and produce fewer negative byproducts.

 Apart from creating or improving inventions, a career in engineering has other pros:

  • Diverse Working Opportunities

There are also many different kinds of engineering work you can do for your day-to-day work. Some of these tasks are hands-on and practical while others are more on digital work and analysis. With all these options you can pick a career path within the engineering realm that aligns with your goals, skills, and desired responsibilities. 

  • Higher Earning Potential

Throughout all career stages, engineering is continuously one of the most lucrative and in-demand occupations, this can translate to better income. Engineers also often have job security because of the high demand for their skills.

  • International Opportunities

Engineers are needed in every country in the world. They design and put into action solutions to everyday problems such as access to water and electricity and secure transportation, things that are required worldwide. This means as someone on the path to becoming an engineer you will have the chance to travel and work abroad, taking advantage of the experiences that come with it..

4. Economics

At its core, economics is a social science. According to Havard Business School Online, economics is the study of how people, groups and nations manage and use resources. It can be divided into microeconomics which is the study of individual decisions and macroeconomics which examines the economy as a whole. 

Students who major in economics not only acquire the knowledge required for understanding complex markets but also graduate with the business acumen and strong analytical and problem-solving skills required to excel in the workforce. Individuals in many fields and areas of life not just business can benefit from an understanding of economics.

A basic understanding of economics can help you understand how the economy functions including concepts like supply and demand, inflation, or economic growth. 

A basic understanding of economics can also help individuals make informed decisions whether it's managing debt or a budget or making purchasing decisions. Some knowledge of economics can help you achieve financial stability and long-term wealth accumulation.

Pursuing an economics course can open your world to a lot of possibilities in terms of your career options. With an economics degree, you can  hold jobs like

  • Personal finance advisor
  • Loan Officer
  • Financial analyst
  • Economist

You could even work as a business reporter and focus on business trends, economic policies, finances and stories.

5. Environmental Science

Environmental science as a course is slowly becoming popular due to global issues such as climate change and pollution. Environmental science is considered to be both a hard and soft science. By definition, environmental science is a multifaceted interdisciplinary study of how we humans interact with the living and non-living parts of the natural world. 

Environmental science's primary objective is 

  • to observe and comprehend how the natural world functions.
  • to comprehend how people engage with the environment, 
  • And to identify solutions for environmental issues, and to live more sustainably.

Among the jobs you might be able to earn after studying environmental science are 

  • Ecologists.
  • Teacher/ lecturer of  environmental science
  • Meteorologists

Wrapping Up 

Whether you want to become a scientist or a pastry chef deciding on a career path is a big decision..It is a decision that may shape the next few years of your life. Before deciding on a career path consider the financial investment, the time, commitment and the potential to affect your work-life balance. 

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Imou Eparis is an English and Literature graduate and an experienced content writer who loves painting pictures with her words. Away from writing, Imou enjoys having a slice of cake and adventure.

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