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Top Reasons Kenyans Are Quitting Jobs in 2024
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Top Reasons Kenyans Are Quitting Jobs in 2024

When you hear someone quit their job, your first assumption might be, the pay must have been bad. However, there are more reasons why people quit their jobs even when they might be earning a comfortable amount of money.

Here are the top 10 reasons why Kenyans are quitting their jobs in 2024.

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1. Limited Opportunities For Career Growth

A lack of opportunities to advance in one’s career is another reason why most people are leaving their jobs. Having room to grow and improve in your profession is an important part of feeling fulfilled with your career. If your current place of employment has limited opportunities for career growth or promotions, you may start thinking of seeking employment where these opportunities are present. Maybe you feel like you've reached the pinnacle in your current career, or maybe you've been in the same position for years with no chance of advancement.  Maybe you want to progress and not feel like your career has hit a dead end as a result you start seeking employment elsewhere.

2. To Further their Studies

On some occasions, Kenyans quit their jobs to return to school. The reasons behind this decision vary,

  •  One might go back to school because it will allow them to earn more money in their field of work.
  • Another reason why someone might go back to school is that they want to make a career change or learn a new skill that will help their career
  • A third reason, someone might return to school is they want to achieve certain certifications or would want to teach others.

In the case, you would like to go back to school and still keep your current employment, consider sharing your goals with your employer before quitting to see what could be worked out. There is a possibility your employer may allow you to work a flexible or part-time schedule and some employers may even offer financial support.

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3. Toxic Work Culture

Some places of employment might make you feel like you are in this constant war that you are always losing. You dread your workplace, the air is filled with gossip and sleep deprivation. You don’t know what a weekend is because it feels like you live in the office. And even after all the hard work, time, and effort you put in, your manager never seems to be impressed. He is always publicly criticizing your work. At one point, he described your work as raw sewage. It comes as no surprise that most people decide to leave toxic work environments.

According to Psychology Today, a toxic workplace is any workplace in which negative dynamics harm employee well-being, foster conflict between co-workers, or slow down productivity. Some possible signs of a toxic workplace include verbal abuse, poor communication, and imbalanced workloads. Such behavior negatively impacts your work performance and mental and emotional well-being as a result you may decide to quit your job and seek healthier work environments. 

4. Personal/Family Reasons

They are a lot of personal reasons, someone might want to leave a job. The commute to work may be too long and you may have decided to get a job closer to home. If you are going through a life change that requires you to relocate to a place that’s far from your current workplace, most people will consider leaving their jobs to seek employment closer to home. 

Maybe you want to be closer to your spouse or family that lives in another city. Maybe you wanted to experience a new culture or move to an area with a lower cost of living.

5. Boreout

You have heard and even read of burnout but its less-known cousin boredom can also do a number on employees. Burnout has been linked to poor work-life balance while boreout occurs when you are bored with work to a point it feels meaningless. Boreout is chronic boredom at work. It is caused by several factors including working in a demoralizing environment,  feeling under-challenged for a long period, or performing repetitive tasks making a work day feel endless. Studies have shown that chronic boredom at work can cause depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, and higher turnover.

Some people leave jobs they feel are static and tedious because they are not facing any new challenges. A person may have the desire to have new professional experiences and challenges. This may push them to leave their current place of work or profession in favor of another. This is a normal aspect of growing professionally, particularly when you start to show an interest in picking up new skills.

6. Company Downturn

Another reason why Kenyans might quit their jobs is if their current workplace is going through a downturn.  You might start to feel less confident in your role if the company you work for is facing financial difficulties.  You start noticing clients leaving or co-workers being laid off. You are not waiting for your company to go out of business, you might start thinking of jumping ship to save your career.

7. Better Career Opportunities 

When something better comes by, it's only reasonable for one to seize that opportunity. If an opportunity to work with one of the largest companies in your industry arises, one would think this is a good opportunity to experience a more challenging environment, possibly a better work culture and better pay. 

8. Your Side Hustle Is Doing Well

Having a side hustle is something that most Kenyans have tried their hand at. Though the side hustles may vary, the goals behind them are almost always the same, to work on your passion project or as a way of earning extra income. Maintaining both your side hustle and 9-5 isn’t easy, especially if they equally need the time and energy. Juggling both might compromise the quality of work you are providing over time. 

You might consider leaving your job when your side hustle starts to pay the bills. If you are making enough active or passive income that you can live off, it's no surprise that you have already started writing your resignation letter. However, quitting your job doesn’t mean you have to burn bridges with your employer, you might need them as a reference.

9. Poor Work-Life Balance

One might quit their job because they are tired of the demands their current job has. If a job takes up most of an employee’s personal time, causes stress due to an imbalance or is taking a toll on their relationships, physical and mental health. One might start to weigh the pros and cons of the role and may decide it might be in their best interest to look for employment elsewhere especially if the efforts to address the imbalance are not successful.

Some individuals may be tired of working long hours and weekends and missing out on spending time with their families and friends or maybe they are looking for a job that will allow them to work from home.

10. Low Pay

As human beings, we are always evolving, and growing. Life never stays the same for long. With increasing living costs, one might start looking for better pay to make ends meet. Maybe you recently welcomed a new addition to your family or moved to your own place,  maybe you are the breadwinner of your family and your current role can no longer support your family’s needs. 

In some cases, individuals might believe they aren't getting paid enough for the work they do. This is particularly true if you believe your department has large pay gaps or if you didn't receive the raise you had hoped for. Employees who feel underpaid may choose to hunt for employment elsewhere since they feel their contributions to the company are insignificant. 

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Wrapping Up

Leaving your job might be one of the hardest decisions you will have to make. A job gives you a sense of purpose, helps you hone your passion and skills, and provides stability, so deciding to quit is never easy. Consider weighing the pros and cons of that decision, your reasons for wanting to leave your job should be fair, viable, and acceptable not only for your employer but for yourself as well. Even as you are nearing your exit, you should remain professional. Part ways on good terms and show respect to your employers, manager, and co-workers and the position you held dear for a while.

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Imou Eparis is an English and Literature graduate and an experienced content writer who loves painting pictures with her words. Away from writing, Imou enjoys having a slice of cake and adventure.

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