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Top Skills That Earned People High Salaries In 2022
Top Skills That Earned People High Salaries In 2022
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Top Skills That Earned People High Salaries In 2022

Njenga Hakeenah
December 25, 2022

How did you make your money in 2022? It has been a tough year, we got served the most expensive ugali ever - courtesy of Ksh250 unga and fuel prices rose by about 50% between January and December. 

But some people still were making money. Good money for that matter and in areas that allow for more convenience than your average 8-5 job would. 

As we are winding down 2022, we take a look at some of the many skills that made Kenyans good money in 2o22 and see if some may cross over to 2023. 

If you find one that interests you, maybe it is time to start learning this skill, networking and see if you could improve your earning potential in the new year. 

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a talent for creative minds that enjoy writing and/or editing. Content writing, in contrast to copywriting, isn't primarily intended to sell. Copywriting is just one kind of content.

The content marketing category is significantly larger than just producing a company's blog post to generate sales but it may aim to inform, raise brand recognition, motivate, inspire, or any number of other things.

With this in mind, many people and companies resorted to employing writers. This is evident with the demand where business owners have been paying top dollar to ghost writers to produce their blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter posts.

2. Copywriting

The ability to use language to sell products is known as copywriting, and it is valuable. It is one of those abilities that many people believe they possess but few actually have them.

It's challenging to create compelling text that properly captures a target client, halts them in their tracks, and helps them get past reluctance to make a purchase. Companies have been paying copywriters for this reason.

Which is the most memorable advertisement that you can never forget? Well, that is the power of copywriting. Copy writers have been earning handsomely in 2022.

Look at some of the agencies that have been producing memorable adverts and then research their revenues. You’ll be surprised that there is such amount of money in Kenya in these times.

3. Video Editing

If you want to know how skills like video editing pay, you can check for the info on the online platforms that offer freelancing services.

If you think this figure is high, skilled video editors do not have to struggle making money. With the demand for videos online either for entertainment of to market products and services, Kenyan video editors have not been left behind. This means they have managed to line their pockets from the demand in 2022.

Tech has also made video production easier and more affordable since there is no need for expensive camera gear camera gear. A good phone and a small mic could do the trick for someone who is interested in getting into video editing.

4. Project Management

Consider "project management" to be a blanket word for the qualities that employers commonly mention as important: leadership, communication, planning, resiliency, and organisational abilities.

Many professions involve project management, which is crucial as one advances their managerial roles. While a career as a project manager is an option, 2022 has shown us that these likeable qualities can see you resign from your job in the morning and have another by day end.

Remember Polycarp Igathe and former KCB CEO Joshua Oigara?

5. Digital Marketing

Also known as Social Media Marketing, digital marketing is no longer a role that companies used to throw to interns.

Due to the fact that digital marketing currently accounts for a big percentage of all advertising spending, businesses are allocating large budgets to it in an effort to catch up to traditional marketing. Imagine who took home these revenues. This has been one of the best employing sectors in Kenya.

6. Sales

Top salesmen have the potential to earn more money than any other position on this list because it’s not just the retainer but also the commissions they earn from businesses they on-board.

If you got the take-home figures sales people take home, you’ll be surprised. 

7. Coding

Have you ever sat and wondered why these guys with backpacks and a laptop are able to spend days in hotels or at home and are able to have everything done for them?

Well, some of those in coding are in high demand. With the continued shift of the economy to a tech one, developers are in high demand. This demand comes with beautiful pay checks.

Just this year alone, global companies like Visa, Microsoft and Google have set up shop in Kenya and hired some of the best in the sector from one of the biggest and best employers.

If you’re wondering how this happens, becoming a developer does not require a degree in computer science. Anyone can pick up coding!

Good luck if you feel motivated to change careers.

8. Data Science

A tremendous amount of data is produced every day. Businesses use this information to learn more about their clients' shopping, working and living habits. Additionally, there is so much data available that they want assistance from experts. And so the need for data scientists.

Data scientists analyse data and this practice is known as data science. In 2022, data science was among the best paying careers as more businesses tap into what the internet is offering.

9. User Experience

User experience (UX) is concerned with how a customer interacts with a product. It goes hand in hand with technological development. The ideal manner to show a product to customers is determined by those who work in user experience. They might carry out research, create a product or assist with marketing.

Although they still use some data, user experience (UX) professions are rooted in design, frequently allow for creativity, and need a high degree of social perceptiveness, all of which are highly sought-after abilities. Their demand and pay put them in the same league with those in coding.

Wrapping up

As business demands evolve, these are some opportunities that are not on good for 2022 but which could offer employment to some in 2023. Don’t be left behind.

Opportunities benefit the first to grab them.

Njenga has over 8 years experience in multimedia and business journalism both as a writer, editor and producer. He has over 5 years of experience in radio broadcasting as a news reader, reporter and presenter. He is also a 2012 Earth Journalism Network-EJN Fellow.

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