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10 Business Ideas to Start with Ksh50K Hustler Fund Loan 
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10 Business Ideas to Start with Ksh50K Hustler Fund Loan 

Business stalls in Kirigiti, Kiambu PHOTO| @containerstalls Source: Instagram
Business stalls in Kirigiti, Kiambu PHOTO| @containerstalls Source: Instagram

The state-backed business loans capped at Ksh50k, with an 8% annual interest rate, means you have the best chance to establish that business you have always envisioned.

Whether you intend to take it as a personal or group loan, you can bring that business idea to life. Only some know where to invest their loans, and this article addresses some of the best business ideas you can explore.

What Are Some of the Hustler Fund Loan Specifics?  

The hustler kit takes shape starting December 1st,2022, enabling many Kenyans to access various loan amounts. Here's a mini guideline to help you navigate it.

  • The funds are available to Kenyans in their individual and group capacities.
  • You do not need to go to committees or connections to access the hustler loan. All you need are your phone and a registered sim card.
  • Small enterprises and cooperatives can also access the hustler loan.
  • Groups are also eligible to borrow the hustler loan capped at Ksh 50,000-250,000.
  • Individual Kenyans of legal age loan range between Ksh.500 and Ksh.50,000.

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If you are lucky enough to access a Ksh50,000 hustler loan, here are some of the business ideas you can use:

1. Fumigation and Pest Control products and services

Not a day passes before you hear complaints about ants and termites, mosquitoes, cockroaches, or bedbugs. Even stubborn mice and rodents require urgent fumigation solutions in many Kenyan households. Turning this massive need into a lucrative business is one great way to utilize your Ksh50k hustler fund. 

While pest infestation can be broad, the trick would be to specialize in one or two areas. You can then make a foray into expansive fumigation and pest control services once your business thrives.

Handling pest control products requires extra caution. You might have to invest in a short Fumigation and Pest Control training course. 

Otherwise, with Ksh50k you will require the following:

  • Commercial Pest Control operating license - Ksh2000 
  • Applicable Temporary registration fee for Pest Control products -Ksh20,000 for one year
  • Certificate of registration -Ksh10,000
  • Sprayers and fumigators (cost depends on the type of pest to exterminate).
  • Working gear (overalls, gloves, masks). Look for the cheapest but quality for a start. You can upgrade when the business picks up.

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2. Professional Cleaning Services

Ever dreamt of venturing into professional cleaning services? The timing is suitable for your Ksh50k hustler fund. Many homes, offices, and commercial buildings often require professional cleaners. 

Besides cleaning products, you will have to register your business. A simple business name registration costs roughly Ksh1000. But if you train your eyes on more prominent clients, you might have to register a limited company, costing between Ksh15000-Ksh30,000. 

A top priority as you start is to get a registration certificate. It doesn't matter if you are the sole cleaner at this point. You will also have to buy cleaning gear/uniform, gloves, masks, and the like. Initial cleaning products might include: 

  •  A vacuum cleaner
  •  Toilet brushes and buckets
  •  Cleaning agents
  •  Spray bottles and soft wipe towels 

 Note: you can go for something other than grander products. Purchase only the essentials in single units as you start. Keep upgrading your equipment inventory as the business expands and you employ additional staff.

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3. Digital-Related Services 

Digital services such as web and graphic design are emerging as lucrative businesses in the world. Your journey with hustler funds will be much easier if you already have some web-related skills and equipment, such as a laptop or desktop computer. 

If not, the first step is acquiring basic skills. Next, purchase a computer, and utilise free tools such as DesignWizard, Canva, Adobe Spark, and Gravit for a start. The trick with this business is to go local. Talk to local brands, schools, and offices to see if they need a website or digital products.  

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4. Baking and Confectionery Products for Events 

Events such as birthdays, graduations, and other celebrations will always need sweets and a cake to punctuate the day. The cake and confectionery business is yours to grab if only you can make it unique from the many that might already be in your location. 

While you may worry about a lack of skills, you can use YouTube and other channels to learn basic baking skills for free. Then you can use the Ksh50k to invest in essential equipment, such as:

  • An oven
  • Baking pans
  • Baking ingredients

If you are starting a home-based business, you might save on overhead costs such as rent, electricity, and water. If not, then you will have to factor in the necessary bills when creating your business plan. 

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5. Food Delivery Services 

Food delivery services are a money-making business idea you can bring to life using Ksh50k. Many Kenyans, both at home and in offices, require someone to deliver their food from the restaurant or pre-made meals to their doorstep, and you could be that person. 

You will enter a highly competitive business field against industry players like Uber Eats, Jikonis, and Jumia food, among many others, but that shouldn't discourage you. 

There is never a limit to people in your local area or town needing your services. All you have to do is advertise your services and provide fast and reliable service. Basic requirements for this business include:

  • A single permit business license costing about Ksh2000 
  • A Motorbike. You can scout for a secondhand for a start
  • Third-party insurance for your bike
  • Workspace. Home office or online can be your immediate option for now.

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6. Movie Shop 

Many Kenyans in major counties and sub-counties are willing to spend money to watch a good movie. However, before you can set up shop, create a good business plan that identifies your business's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Market research helps you categorize your key customers and the exact place to establish your movie shop. Fundamental essentials you might require are: 

  • Overheads (Rent, electricity, water, transport) depend on your location 
  • A desktop computer -Ksh10,000-Ksh15,000
  • CD Burning software - Ksh5,000
  • Single business permit @ Ksh2000(might be less or more depending on county permit regulations)
  • KFCB license -Ksh3000
  • External hard disk -Ksh5000

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7. Day Care Service 

Kenyan parents are busy with work and businesses to attend to, and they would give anything for quality daycare to their little ones. If you have the passion and skill to take care of small kids, then this would work well for you.

Some of the essential requirements are: 

  • Overhead (rent, electricity, and water bills) depending on location
  • A few baby sleeping mattresses. It depends on the number of kids you are enrolling initially. For example, you can start with about 5 simple mattresses costing roughly Ksh800 each.
  • Play tools such as Lego and swings 
  • A few furniture (book and utensils cabinet, table and chairs)
  • Blackboard and chalk
  • School stationery  

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8. Mobile Money Agent 

Mobile money agencies continue to make money transactions convenient for many people. It's a viable business once you identify the most suitable location. Kenya's most popular mobile money agencies are Equity, Airtel Money, and Mpesa.

Do your research first because the success of your business depends on various factors. These are the network strength of your service provider, location (high-traffic areas attract many customers doing transactions), and security. 

Also, read through the acceptance terms and conditions to determine eligibility.

Essential requirements are: 

  • Business license-Ksh2000 (could be more or less depending on county government licensing provisions)
  • Rental costs
  • Initial float 

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9. Car Wash

A car wash business never goes out of style. As newer cars come on the road,  it keeps a  substantial number of Kenyans in the industry. So how can Ksh50k support this business type? Besides leasing land and acquisition operating permits, you can purchase the following equipment:

  • A high-pressure car washer
  • A vacuum cleaner
  • An alloy wheel cleaner

Remember mini requirements such as car shampoo, a wash mitt, and microfiber cloths. 

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10. Perfume Refill Business 

The latest consumer research indicates that many Kenyans will not hesitate to buy personal care beauty products, including perfume. Original brands on the market include Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, and Estée Lauder.

They are pricey, which is why many people prefer small refills to meet their supply. So, to begin with, identify only the best original brands, most of which range between Ksh20,000- Ksh40,000.

But you can spend less by starting with as little as 4 to five fragrances for about Ksh6,000. Ten fragrances might set you back about Ksh12000.

Depending on the location, you will factor in rental costs. You will also purchase a business license.

Currently, an ml of perfume goes for about Ksh50. To make a tidy return on investment (ROI), go for refills of about 15 ml and above. 

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 The Ksh50K hustler fund is a substantial sum of money. You can identify a lucrative business idea, do market research and implement it. The trick is also to build an extensive network that might help market your business, enabling it to grow.

All the best!

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