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How to File KRA Tax Returns on iTax Portal 2023
How to File KRA Tax Returns on iTax Portal 2023
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How to File KRA Tax Returns on iTax Portal 2023

Money254 Team
April 22, 2021

This is a detailed guide on how to go about filing your tax returns on the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)  iTax portal, as well as an exhaustive response to all the frequently asked questions regarding filing taxes in Kenya.

The article covers how to file Nil returns as well as a guide on filing both individual and company returns on the KRA portal.

You only need a couple of minutes (15-20) to complete the entire process. All one needs is a smartphone or a computer/laptop, and a stable internet connection.

It is highly advisable to file your tax returns well in advance of the deadline as the iTax portal tends to be easier to access way ahead of the deadline. Otherwise you will be caught up in the typical last minute rush by Kenyans when the portal may be down intermittently. 

How to file Individual Income Tax Returns on iTax

This is the submission/declaration of all that you earned within a particular year.

The law stipulates that anyone with a KRA PIN is required to file this return anytime between January 1 to June 30, of the following year. 

Here's how to go about it:

Step 1 - Type or paste on your web browser.

Step 2 - Login to the iTax portal using your PIN and password (what to do if you have forgotten your KRA password will be detailed later on)

Step 3 - Once logged in, click on the 'Returns' icon available on the navigation menu then hit the 'File Returns' option.

Step 4 - Next, select the tax type you are looking to file - in this case individual income tax, then click on 'Next.

Step 5 - Download and Fill the Return Form (P9) available in Excel format.’Your employer should be able to provide you with these details. 

Step 6 - Once you are done entering the required information on the form, upload it on the iTax portal.

Step 7 - Check the button/box next to the 'Agree with Terms and Conditions' statement.

Step 8 - Click on 'Submit' once satisfied that the information entered is accurate.

Step 9 - When complete, the portal will generate a receipt and a message of acknowledgement that reads ‘return submitted successfully’.

Click on the following link -, for a short video on the process detailed above.

Password Reset

As mentioned in Step 2, if you can't remember your password, take the following steps to reset your KRA password on the iTax portal.

Step 1 - Type or paste on your web browser.

Step 2 - Enter your KRA PIN in the User ID section then click on the 'Continue' button to proceed to the next step.

Step 3 - Click on 'Forgot Password' locate at the bottom of that page

Step 4 - Next, you will be required to solve an arithmetic question. Once done, click 'Submit'.

Step 5 - You will then be taken to a new page informing you that your KRA Password has been mailed to you.

Step 6 - Head over and login to your iTax Registered Email Address where you will find the new KRA Reset Password.

You will then revisit the KRA iTax Portal login page (Step 1). 

Once you enter your new KRA Password and confirm the same, you will get a pop up notification from KRA informing you that you have successfully changed your password.

Penalty Charged on Late Filing

Whichever is higher between, 5% of the tax due or Ksh 2,000.

Penalty Charged on Late Payment

5% of the tax due and a late payment interest of 1% each month on the unpaid tax until the dues are paid in full.

How To File KRA Nil Returns On iTax 2023

The revenue authority requires taxpayers who generated zero (NIL) income during any particular year to also file returns indicating the same.

Failure to do so as per the Tax Procedures Act leads to penalties.

Below is a step by step guide on how to file Nil Returns on iTax:

Step 1 - Type or paste on your web browser.

Step 2 - Use your KRA PIN number and iTax Password to login to your iTax account.

Step 3 - On the top panel menu, Click on Returns and then click on the 'File Nil Return' tab.

Step 4 - Once you have selected the Nil e-Return, you will be directed to a page that requires your input.

In the 'Type' section, select 'Self' from the drop-down arrow. The system will automatically populate your KRA PIN Number and in the Tax Obligation, select 'Income Tax Resident', then Click 'Next' to proceed.

Step 5 - Proceed to fill the Income Tax - Resident Individual Nil e-Return form. 

Once done, click on the submit button to move on to the next step.

Step 6 - Upon successful submission of your KRA Nil Returns, a return receipt will be generated with an acknowledgement number, download that receipt,

Step 7 - Lastly, print the KRA e-Return Acknowledgement Receipt that you downloaded as this serves as a proof that you have successfully filed the KRA Nil Returns for the year in question.

How to File an Income Tax Company Return on iTax

Section 125 of the Companies Act directs that any company registered in Kenya must file returns at least once every calendar year.

If a company fails to comply with this requirement, the company and every officer of the company shall be liable to a default fine.

Notably, the introduction of the iTax portal easened the process of filing income returns for companies as well.

Resident Companies are taxed at a rate of 30%, while Non-resident companies are taxed at a rate of 37.5%.

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This type of tax is filed online via iTax by filing an Income Tax Company Return (IT2C Form), on or before the sixth month after the end of an accounting period.

For instance: a company whose accounting period runs from January 1 - December 31 is allowed up to June 30 of the following year to file their Income Tax - Company Return. Filing after 6 months attracts a penalty.

The return covers one fiscal year which is a period of 12 months within which the corporation chooses to make its financial statements.

Frequently Asked Questions When Filing KRA Returns

How do I view already filed returns on iTax? 

Log in iTax,, go to the ‘Returns’ tab, select ‘View Filed Return’ and click the ‘Consult’ tab.

I want to file my returns but the tax obligation was erroneously added as VAT obligation. How do I change the obligation?

Kindly note that removal of an obligation can only be done at your tax station.

You are required to write a request letter to your station manager and attach evidence as to why you wish to have the obligation removed, then follow up with your tax station on clearance of penalties that may have accrued.

Dial *572# to find out your tax station.

How can I change the current email address from the one I registered within iTax?

A change of email address can be initiated by the taxpayer. On the taxpayers profile under registration, the taxpayer is allowed to amend PIN details.

Once the process is initiated by the taxpayer, a task is created for approval by a KRA officer.

Can I correct an error once I file my KRA returns?

Yes. You can do this by filing an amended return via the simple steps detailed below.

Step 1 - Log into your iTax profile. The system takes you to the home page.

Step 2 - On the red menu bar, rest the mouse pointer on 'Returns'. Alternatively click on the ‘Consult ereturns’.

Step 3 - A drop down menu will appear. Click on the 'File amended return' option.

Step 4 - Under Tax obligation, select applicable obligation e.g. Value Added Tax (VAT). The Taxpayer type and the PIN will be auto populated.

Step 5 - Capture the 'Return period from'.This should be the period relating to the return you would like to amend. Then click on 'Download'.

Step 6 - Click on 'OK' for the download process to begin. The download folder will contain the actual return as well as the CSV files, if at all the previous return had any. These will allow you to recreate the previously filed return.

Step 7 - Depending on the affected entries, you will amend the required fields on the return. Once through, validate the return to generate the zipped upload file.

Step 8 - Log back onto your profile to upload the amended return. (Follow the same steps as used to download the return. 

The return will be uploaded on the same page from which the return was downloaded). Click on 'Choose File' and browse for the zipped upload file that was generated.

Once done, click on the Submit button to complete the amendment process. The return will be approved automatically.

Kindly note, should the amendment result in an increase in liability once the return is filed, go to the 'Payments' option and generate a PRN which will contain a unique reference number which may be used to effect the payment at the bank or via internet or mobile payment. 

Also, should the amended return result in a decrease in liability, a task will be created in iTax for an officer to validate the amended return prior to approval of the same.

What do I do if the system tells me I have to file returns for previous months/year when I am trying to upload my returns?

If you're filling your returns for the first time, you need to call your KRA station and request for the change of roll-out date. 

In the case that you had filled the first return on iTax and failed to file subsequent returns, you need to file the missing returns in iTax before you can proceed to file the current one.

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