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Moving Houses in 2022? Key Things to Consider
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Moving Houses in 2022? Key Things to Consider

If you are renting, you know all too well that moving house is one of those experiences; that has a 50/50 chance of either being exciting or a letdown.

  • However one shared experience when ‘‘moving house’’ is getting blind-sided by additional charges, which range from pre-planned costs like transport to the unplanned costs of replacing items damaged or lost during the move

So, before opting to move – stay on top of things, by looking into the possible and expected costs of moving house. 

This helps you create a practical “home relocation / moving house’’ budget, especially, when you have the option to keep calling your current rental residence''home ``. 

Moving Costs Checklist: What To Think About When Relocating / Moving House 

Did you know there are off-peak seasons in the “relocation / moving business,” that offer lower rates plus bonuses that save time and money?

TIP: (other than the obvious hassle this would be) Avoid moving during the Christmas-and-New Year season, Easter  

       season and during high traffic / rush hour on regular days (i.e.) between 6 a.m.- 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. - 6 p.m. 

  • The costs are often higher due to reduced availability of movers (who might have most / the entire company on holiday leave). Also, the unpredictability of the peak seasons, may disrupt relocation timelines and create a dent in your wallet

Before Moving Day Cost Considerations

  1. Real Estate / Housing Costs

This refers to the amount of money a renter / buyer pays to reside in a property. These fees are not avoidable, so make sure you confirm and understand all the required fees. They include:-

  • Utility Deposit

Look into what utilities you would be paying for, especially in instances where rent is not inclusive of all or some utilities (e.g.) rent inclusive of water.

TIP: Make sure you’re not paying for prior tenant utility arrears as a new tenant. 

For electric utility fees, note if you have a postpaid or prepaid electricity connection. For prepaid connection, you have the advantage of managing your power consumption and you have the choice of token top-up according to your budget.

  • Rental Deposit

This usually amounts up to the full rent amount and in some instances; you maybe required to pay up to two-month / three-month rent depending on your rental property choice. 

  • Tenant Agreement Fee

When it comes to residential agreements and legal protection – a “handshake or your good word” won’t cut it. Though the fee amount varies it’s a mandatory yet necessary fee, you receive for issued tenant agreement / tenant contract to tenants as per tenancy laws. 

This contract / agreement is a legal way to confirm your right to tenancy protection as tenants and protects landlord(s) too, so due-diligence is a good way to stay aware of all charges and your rights.

  • Realtor / Agent Fees

When dealing with outsourced help, due diligence pays off.

Sometimes, going at it alone is more problematic. The practical solution is then, to hire property experts, to search, and bargain deals for you in your selected residential location. 

TIP: Realtor agents are an asset however, make sure you verify an agent / realtor's credentials and settle on a final fee before hiring an agent / realtor. 

  • Extra Fitting / Repair Costs 

To avoid breach of contract terms, request to have special fittings done before moving into your new home.

Before you can actually set-up electronics, appliances or put up some décor items you may need to alter or replace fixtures, outlets (etc.) to support what you own.

TIP: Because this can get pricey due to shoddy work, don’t compromise on quality. Opt to save time and money by taking advantage of your property manager’s connections to fundis’ (e.g. electricians, plumbers, carpenters etc.), to sort you out. In some instances, it might even be free depending on your renter-agent terms / negotiated terms

  1. Professional Moving Costs

It’s a little known fact but hiring professional movers over a self-move is the better option to save time and money! 

Though the move is insured, be thorough.

Exercise the same due diligence you did in the search of your new home: collect and compare quotes before settling on a moving company. 

  • Remember, moving companies billings, are based on different factors such as, the size of your new home, house location on the property (for example is your house on the ground floor, 5th floor etc.), the complete move-time’ spent and may include optional additional services (e.g.) TV mounting, chandelier hanging, cable TV installation, electricians (etc.) 

If you have special pack-and-transport requests, enquire from moving companies and note the extra charges too 

TIP: Here are 4 quick-n-easy ways to reduce the amount of time spent by movers packing, loading and unloading:-

  1. Disassemble what you can
  2. Unplug and disconnect electronics
  3. Remove bulbs and lampshades
  4. Sort and label items to quicken the unpacking process
  1. Self-Moving Costs

Where professional movers are not a practical option, self-moving costs might actually be the more affordable option. 

In such instances, you have the role of surveying and planning your relocation. Again, be practical and be strategic – this can actually save money. Here’s what to consider:- 

  • Cargo Vehicle Hire (final cost inclusive of fuel costs)

You’ll be tempted to cram a few things together (don’t do it)…

  1. f your items do not properly fit into your vehicle, hire a cargo vehicle that’s suitable (e.g.) a pickup, mini-truck or lorry
  2. If you don’t have a vehicle available to you, the same applies too
  3. If you’re not sure what vehicle size works - the bigger the better (you’d rather have more space than not)
  • Packing Materials 

These include storage boxes, packing tape, packing bags for food and other packing material

TIP: Usually you can ask for and get cardboard boxes / cartons, free from the local kiosks and supermarkets who are often happy to get rid of the clutter.

Another cost-effective way to reduce costs on how much packing material you need is by balancing your household shopping to compliment the moving date. 

  1. This means, cut down on how much you buy and avoid buying perishables and groceries in bulk; once you settle into your new place, you can catch-up on you household budget 
  • Extra Labour Costs To Help Pack And Load 

Unless you’re a super-being of unlimited strength, moving house is exhausting. 

Don’t be shy or embarrassed to ask for help – just remember to ask those you trust, and keep in mind costs may include snacks, water and transport fare (for those who may need you to cover their fare).

If you need to hire help, go for reputable labour hire from errand for-hire businesses (these are easy to find and verify online). 

  • Food & Lodging (especially for long distance moves of over 80kms)

For long-distance moves, it helps to think of the move as a one-way road trip, to get your mind away from the hassles of moving. 

This means:- 

  1. Booking affordable accommodation and purchasing snacks for the trip
  2. Budgeting for meal stops along the way

(Check out G-Maps and note the possible, affordable stops with good reviews. Stay away from sketchy places and avoid “food poisoning drama”)   

By considering the above, you can have a practical budget estimate of how much to spend and where to spend.

  • Contingency / Emergency Fund 

Life is full of surprises and problems do arise that usually require time, money and skill to correct.

In case your financial situation makes planning an emergency fund difficult, do the best you can to keep the move safe and on-track with your budget: by planning for possible emergencies, like vehicle breakdowns, medical emergencies etc.  

After Moving In Cost Considerations

A moving costs checklist isn’t complete if you don’t include the “after move” costs. Here’s what to consider:- 

  1. Extra Fitting / Setup Costs e.g. electronics setup, Wi-Fi reconnection etc.
  • The good news is if you’re using professional moving services additional services like TV mounting, appliances, electronics and WIFI reconnection, lighting fixtures reconnection (etc.) are included
  • For the self-moving option, you can also benefit from asking your property manager at your new residence for recommendations. 

Some letting properties have a janitorial staff you can freely access and they double as handymen / women, who are required to help you reconnect and set-up your appliances, lighting fixtures (etc.)

Where skilled labour is required - the janitor coordinates these tasks and should ensure the changes in your new home go smoothly

  1. Cleaning Supplies Costs

Since this article addresses those moving into a new home for the second plus time - you probably remember how a new home doesn’t really feel clean until you’ve dusted, swept and mopped every inch (and for some reason the soap is never enough). 

  • Early planning and budgeting for your cleaning supplies makes it easier and quicker to settle into your new home, in no time  
  1. Groceries & Other Essentials

Remember the tip to limit and/or skip household shopping, before your moving date / day to reduce the moving weight and the likelihood of spills and food wastage (which would mean spending money). 

So, now that you’ve moved into your new home, its time to restock and stick to your budget. 

TIP: Wherever you choose to move to a budget is still important. Keep in mind; how your move affects your finances and make the necessary budget changes for a real-time, practical financial budget to support your new start  

Make The Right Moves For A Stress-Free Move 

Even if it might not sound, look and/or feel like it; moving plans or relocation plans won’t always be a 100% problem-free, but this shouldn’t discourage you, in fact, thanks to your foresight, you can move without breaking the bank.

By paying attention to your financial situation, you choose to have more wins than losses, before you move and when you settle into your new home.

  • With the “before and after move” checklist points above - you can significantly reduce the mental and financial stress of moving into a new home, by being thorough, patient and organised
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