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Top Financial Companies to Work For In 2022 - Report
Top Financial Companies to Work For In 2022 - Report
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Top Financial Companies to Work For In 2022 - Report

Wycliffe Musalia
April 19, 2022

The high unemployment rate in Kenya leaves many skilled people without an option but to settle for jobs that can be described as merely ‘life-sustaining’.  Did you know that the company you work for could change your career life and set you on a financial growth path? 

You have heard of graduates in fields such as education, arts, and communication transitioning to work as Bank managers, CEOs, financial analysts, advisers, and accountants.

According to the 2022 Linkedln Top Companies Kenya Report, Equity Bank, KCB, and NCBA emerged as the top three financial companies to work for in 2022. Safaricom PLC took the overall top spot for the best 25 companies to work for in Kenya. 

The report released in April 2022 states that companies are moving towards attracting and retaining talents through promotions. 

The report looked at skills growth, ability to advance, company stability, external opportunity, company affinity, gender diversity, and educational background.

From these metrics, the report cites the following financial service companies, which can grow your skills.

1.   Equity Bank

Equity Bank, a subsidiary of Equity Group Holdings, offers financial services in savings, investments, and credit facilitation. The report listed Banking, Consumer Services, and SME Banking, as the main skills you could earn working for the company.

The jobs offered by the institution range from customer relations to accounting officers. You could work as a customer relationship offer, payment officer, account manager, financial advisor, cashier, sales officer, accountant, and overall bank manager.

2.   KCB Group

KCB Group offers Banking services including savings, investments, credit, and insurance services.

According to the 2022 LinkedIn Top Companies Report, Banking, Cross-Selling, and Credit Management are the most notable skills employees can learn from the Bank.

Jobs offered by the institution include sales, customer relationship, accountant, cashier, finance advisor, and information technology.

3.   NCBA Group

NCBA is a financial service provider in savings, investments, and credit facilities. Employees at NCBA could acquire skills in Banking, selling, and credit management.

Most jobs offered according to the report include operational assistants, customer service officers, relationship managers, operational officers, and finance officers.

4.   Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered offers banking services and financial services such as savings, investments, and loan facilities.

The report noted that employees could learn skills in Banking, Small Business Management, and cash management at Standard Chartered bank. 

The best jobs that could earn you these skills at the institution include working as an account manager, relationship manager, credit analyst, sales, finance, and business development.

5.   Stanbic Bank Kenya

Stanbic offers services in Banking, savings, investment, and credit facilities. You could earn skills in business acumen, customer analysis, and customer insight.

The jobs that could earn you these skills at Stanbic include Finance officer, Personal Banker, Business Development Manager, Finance Manager, Information Technology, and sales.

6.   Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) 

An affiliate of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), DTB has operated in East Africa for over seventy years.

DTB’s focus on the SME sector and commitment to enhancing convenience for customers through innovative digital solutions has driven the Bank’s growth in recent years. It has over 130 branches in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Burundi.

Most notable job skills to acquire at DTB include Banking, Credit Analysis, and Customer Relationship Management. The jobs that could earn you these skills according to the report include working as a finance officer, senior finance officer, operations officer, finance manager, and information technology.

7.   Absa Bank Kenya

Absa Group is a financial service provider in savings, investments, and credit services. The 2022 Linked Top Companies report shows that the top skills acquired by employees at Absa Bank include Banking, Credit Analysis, and Portfolio Management.

The jobs offered by the bank that can earn you these skills include Customer Service, Relationship Manager, Universal Banker, Finance, sales, and Support.

8.   Co-operative Bank of Kenya

Co-operative Bank Kenya offers services in banking, savings, investments, and credit facilities.

According to the report, the top skills one could acquire working for the bank includes Banking, Credit Facility Management, and Retail Banking. The most common jobs offered are relationship manager, sales service advisor, Business Banker, Finance, Support, and Information Technology.

9.   Platinum Credit Limited

Platinum Credit is a financial service provider that deals in credit facilities, issuing loan services to individuals, entities, and businesses.

The skills you could acquire while working for the institution include sales and marketing, Direct Sales, and Sales Presentation. These skills are attained from jobs such as salesperson, sales executive, loan officer, finance, and support offered by the company.

10.   I&M Bank

I&M Bank is a wholly-owned subsidiary of I&M Holdings Limited, a publicly quoted company at the  Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) started in 1972 as a community financial institution.  

The LinkedIn Top 2022 Companies Report shows that I&M Bank could give you skills in Banking, Portfolio Management, and Customer Relationship Management.

The Bank offers jobs in Finance, Sales, and Support. These jobs include Finance Officer, Banking Officer, and Operational Officer.

11.   Family Bank

Family Bank offers banking services, savings, investments, and credit facilities. The report notes that the bank could give you skills in Banking, Credit Risk, and Portfolio Management.

You could secure a job as a relationship officer, sales support offer, finance, military and protective service, and sales at Family Bank.

Apart from these institutions, the report also listed telecommunication companies that deal in financial services. These include Safaricom Ltd and Airtel Africa. Other companies included the insurance service providers like CIC Insurance group, Allianz, ICEA Lion Group, and UAP Old Mutual Group


Working and gaining these skills could be significant to your career development. The report noted that most of these companies retain the talent and skills acquired for sustainable growth and development. These could be a positive path toward your career and financial growth.  

See the full list here.

Musalia is a professional journalist, SEO writer and marketer. He has a pool of experience in online writing, editing and marketing. He is passionate about content marketing and has contributed to a vast number of digital publications. You can connect with Wycliffe on LinkedIn.

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