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KUCCPS Portal: Cutoff Points and Cost of B.Com Degree in Kenyan Universities
KUCCPS Portal: Cutoff Points and Cost of B.Com Degree in Kenyan Universities
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KUCCPS Portal: Cutoff Points and Cost of B.Com Degree in Kenyan Universities

Tony Mukere
May 20, 2023

The Kenya Universities and Colleges Placement Service (KUCCPS) on Wednesday, May 17, opened the placement portal that will allow candidates who scored a minimum of a C+ in the 2022 KCSE results to apply for degree courses. 

As part of a major reform programme in higher education, President William Ruto announced that from the financial year starting July 2023, universities will no longer access block funding. 

KUCCPS has since published the cost of each degree course as submitted by all public universities for students to be aware as they choose their courses. 

Upon admission, students will not receive uniform scholarships as has been the case. Funding will be based on financial capability under these three categories: 

  • Vulnerable students
  • Less vulnerable students
  • Able students

Vulnerable students (29%) will be fully sponsored and will not pay fees. They will also not get any loans. The number of students is estimated to be about 45,000 in universities and 42,000 in TVETS. 

The less vulnerable students will get a 50% scholarship and receive 43% of their fees as loans. Their parents will raise the remaining 7%. 

Able students will receive a maximum of 38% of the fees in the form of a scholarship and 55% in the form of loans. Their parents will raise the remaining 12%. 

Here are the cluster points and the annual school fees for the Bachelor of Commerce ( Degree for all universities in Kenya. Degree Cluster Points

The cluster subjects for the Bachelor’s of Commerce are calculated based on the following courses: 

Subject 1: English or Kiswahili

Subject 2: Mathematics

Subject 3: BIO / PHY / CHE / BIO / GSC / HAG / GEO / CRE / IRE / HRE

Subject 4: BIO / PHY / CHE / BIO / GSC / HAG / GEO / CRE / IRE / HRE / HSC / ARD / AGR / WW / MW / BC / PM / ECT / DRD / AVT / CMP / FRE / GER / ARB / KSL / MUC / BST

Note that the subject you choose can only be selected once when calculating the cluster points. 

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University 2021 Cut-Off Points Cost

University of Nairobi 35.301 220,150

Kenyatta University 33.490 183,600

Egerton University 26.592 209,700

Multimedia University 22.544 216,000

Meru University 22.544 216,000

Muranga University 22.544 183,600

JKUAT 33.8822 183,600

Technical University Of Mombasa 29.992 183,600

Masinde Muliro University 24.453 183,600 

Dedan Kimathi University 27.234 172,800

Chuka University 24.769 183,600

Co-operative University of Kenya (CUK) 24.305 183,600

Laikipia University 22.544 183,600

Machakos University 22.544 183,600

Kirinyaga University 22.544 183,600

South Eastern Kenya University 22.544 183,600

Pwani University 22.544 183,600

University of Embu 22.544 183,600

Kibabii University 22.544 183,600

Kaimosi Friends University 22.544 183,600

Rongo University 183,600

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Private Universities

Institution Cut-Off Points  Cost

Africa Nazarene University 22.544 227,500

Zetech University 22.544 130,600

The Catholic University of Eastern Africa 22.544     192,000

St. Paul’s University (SPU) 22.544 171,400

Gretsa University 22.544 132,000

Daystar University 22.544 223,900

Pioneer International University (PIU) 22.544 150,084

Pan Africa Christian University (PAC) 22.544 312,000

Mount Kenya University (MKU) 26.072 105,000

Lukenya University 22.544 86,200

KCA University 25.523 141,665

Kabarak University 22.544 163,035

Kabarak University 22.544 163,035

No items found.

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