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6 Good Reasons to Love Money 
Money Psychology

6 Good Reasons to Love Money 

Is there anyone who doesn't love money? Money is good, and it can move mountains figuratively. The issue is that some people mistake love for money for hoarding or obsessing over it.  

Loving money is about how conveniently it can help you to meet your financial goals. If you can quickly pay your medical bills, buy a house, vacation, save or invest without straining, it gives you the right satisfaction. You have a reason to love money because it enables you to choose. You can do/not do things you do not want. 

Here is why you should unapologetically love money. 

1. Enough Money Enables You to Take Care of Life's Responsibilities Without Straining 

Can there be any aspect of modern life that can do without financial requirements? Many responsibilities consume money. While they are unique to each person, most of them have financial implications.  

How would you support your family, take care of everyday bills or even provide education for family members without money? Life goals, such as good healthcare and charity, depend on your financial health. Even adventure, relaxation, and fun require a healthy pocket. 

The adage that money isn't everything or money can't buy happiness might not entirely be true. It is a huge deciding factor in how well you live and function in many aspects of your life. Your comfortable shelter and adequate nutritious diet highly depend on how healthy your finances are.  

Generally, personal well-being and that of those dependent on you suffer when there are inadequate financial resources.

On the contrary, if you have sufficient finances, life is bliss. It is more comfortable, easy to manage, and improves your quality of life.  

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2. Enough Money Alleviates Money-Related Stress 

If there is anything major that worries, stresses, and depresses many Kenyans, it is their finances. It isn’t just the inability to pay your bills. Money-related stress creates emotional trauma, which could cause actual illnesses.  

Many people complain of fear, anxiety, and depression because of poor financial health. Behavioral changes, such as social isolation, are due to money stress. The opposite is true when you have enough money: Money is good because it permits you to:

  • Access timely healthcare: you do not have to cut corners because you receive the best medical treatment and care.
  • Enjoy perfect mental health: there is a close link between your financial health and mental fitness. A debt-free person wants freedom and less worry and anxiety.
  • Enjoy excellent physical health: any ongoing financial fears and anxiety are why you might also have migraines and sleep problems. These can contribute to even worse health problems such as hypertension and obesity, among others. Enough money gives you peace of mind and you can relax and improve mentally and physically. 
  • Adopt a better lifestyle: many wealthy individuals realize the importance of overall health. It is also because they can afford time for daily physical exercise, which goes hand in hand with an excellent diet. It is unlike lesser endowed individuals who do not have good coping habits and may tend to be most prone to engaging in drugs, alcoholism, and cheap junk food.

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3. Being Moneyed Helps You Break the Shame and Misery Spiral 

The minute you deeply feel you have reached an end, and you can't manage your finances, or that you do not deserve to have money, what follows is an emotional meltdown. You do not just feel sad but also ashamed about your situation. You also isolate yourself socially because you can’t stand people. 

To make matters worse is that the shame and misery spiral can also be cyclical until you break it. Creating financial resources and stability is the solution, but you need a plan. 

Here is how:

  • Please don’t suffer in silence: the only way to break from a negative emotion such as shame is to speak out about it.  Because when you isolate yourself, the guilt grows bigger. When you share your difficulties with people who matter, you can easily find the support and guidance to help you recover.
  • Stop comparisons: your financial situation is unique, and so are your responsibilities. Don’t look at your friends and family and think they are better than you are. Instead, start building your financial health with good money habits such as savings, living within your means, and tracking your expenditures.
  • Learn from your financial mistakes: any mistakes such as unnecessary overspending or lack of a budget are lessons, reminding you to avoid them as much as possible. 

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4. Disliking Money Can Lead to Poverty and Frustration 

Is it possible to dislike money? Some people do because they have been taught money is evil. Others imagine the rich as greedy due to the influence of religions or social inclinations. If you grew up believing that people who get rich are cheats or gamblers, it might take some time to enjoy money and its immense benefits positively.  

Yet poverty has a way of inhibiting personal well-being. Have you ever heard of the diseases of poverty? World health bodies brand malnutrition, tuberculosis, and even HIV as illnesses driven by poverty. Without money, you struggle to achieve positive health and longevity. 

The inherent human character rotates around money and social status. And while you frown at the rich and famous, life responds depending on how much/little is in your bank account.  

But again, even when you have the money yet are wary of spending, you can never enjoy its various benefits. The solution? To liberate your mind, be generous or frugal when circumstances demand. A balance in money use helps you love and enjoy the lifestyle it can offer. 

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5. Money Buys You the Freedom and Time to Love Things and People 

Freedom in whichever way works like a charm. But financial freedom is perhaps the most critical since you can use it legitimately to say no to things you do not want to do. Money also allows you the independence and liberty to partake of things that might be out of reach.  

Although some people gather and hoard money just for the sake of it, the nature of humans is love and sharing. So, enough money helps you actualise your deepest desires to spend on things and people you love.

The more money you have, the higher you can amplify and multiply your positive impact on the world. It includes those acts of charity and making the world a better place to live. 

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6. It's Fun to Play With, Spend and Share Money  

Do you love the mood boost that a healthy bank account brings? There is that part of the brain that creates immense happiness with new things and experiences only money can offer. Besides the fun element, adequate cash allows you to spend on self-improvement, care, and maintenance of acquisitions and assets. 

You spend money to eat well and enjoy your hobbies. But you can also feed the mind with experiences. That trip to the beach, museum, or Antarctica wouldn't be possible without money. Any fun adventure is a source of joy and bolsters your sense of self. Generally, if you have the money, you can experience life differently. 

How about spending money on your loved ones? Enough cash enables you to shower gifts on family and friends, making them happy but also kicking in the satisfaction that comes with giving. 

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Wrapping Up

Some people still think money is evil and can lead to unhappiness. Yet it's the only thing that can give you peace of mind when you responsibly utilise it. World famous and rich people love their jobs and investments. But they also love money for what it enables them to do. With the money, you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. You can also help others.

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